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Welcome to my Journal

This is where I jabber, blather, ramble, rant and comfortably insert foot in mouth as often as humanly possible. You may also find posts with art in the form of icons, wallpapers, banners and story cover art, thanks to discovering Photoshop a few years ago. I love creating fandom artwork almost as much as writing. Everything else you need to know about this journal or me can be found under the cut (including samples of my 'artwork' in the form of icons, banners, cover art; which are also links to the stories, and even samples of a few photo restorations I've done). You'll find more samples at my photo_fixer journal.

My stories (in The Sentinel, SG1 & SGA fandoms) are archived in several places, with one link under the cut while the others are on the left side of my journal under, appropriately enough: LINKS *g*.
That's about it, so continue on - at your own risk!

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Oh, and we have a fandom "Phone Tree" list (to help notify people when we lose one of our own) and if you'd like to be on it, you can find the info here.
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Two bits of news (good and not so good) for our beloved Big Bear Alpine Zoo:

1. As of January, a building contractor was finally chosen: "PGAV Destinations has been selected for the design of the relocation of the Big Bear Alpine Zoo." And with that news came a 'tentative date' for breaking ground: October of this year. If they actually start in October, and construction is expected to take 18-24 months - that means that unless there's a miracle, 2017 is the earliest for the opening. But hey, that's something anyway.

2. The zoo's curator, and a women many of us have come to love, Debbie Richardson, has retired. I believe it was effective in February.
She must have given notice last year as the zoo has been posting for a new curator since November of last year. As of last month, Bob Cisneros became the new General Manager and Curator. He was, I believe, the curator for the San Diego Zoo for many years. I know every one who has been to "Moonridge" for the charity events will miss Debbie. :( Below is my favorite photo of Debbie from all the Moonridge events I've attended - and you can see why. :)

We'll miss you, Debbie!

gm 2005


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Follow Theater of Note's Twitter too! New photos there as well. Remember, Garett is on the Board of Directors for the theater!!!

B9IZ69pCMAIpgZe.jpg large


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Here are links to the three so far found:

3) NEONTOMMY REVIEW (USC) (this one singles out Garett's primary scene as, "...one of the most noteworthy...")

You can also find more photos of Garett as Bale - and other photos of him - at the Theater of Note's FB page and website.

REMINDER: You can see the play until March 28th!!

Do try, fellow TS fans, do try!!! Hook up, line up, drive up, fly down, swim, crawl, run, but



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Yesterday, when posting our fun evening at Garett's play, I left out a few rather important things, and I blame my advancing age and the Oscars. Everytime I had to stop writing to look up at the Oscars, I lost my  train of thought and during the commercials, the trains left the station, heading for some place exciting, I hope. Like New York. Anyway, here's the rest of it:

Garett is not only in the play, but he's also on the Theater's Board of Directors - AND - serves as their "Master Carpenter", which in a Black Box theater, is often required because the 'stage' is often changed per the needs of any certain play. BTW: His handiwork was very - and beautifully - evident in this play's 'stage'.

The other part I forgot was that wonderful Marilyn had the very brilliant idea of delivering Garett's birthday present early since the play offered the perfect opportunity.  BTW: Every year she puts together a 'basket' of goodies; like his favorite coffees, etc, and in the name of the fandom and his website, sends it to him, so this one acted as both a BD present and the fandoms version of 'flowers'. When we arrived inside the small lobby, she asked if they'd deliver the gift bag to Garett and they did so very kindly and came back a moment later to let her know he had it.

And finally; the big one; the one I thought I'd added last night, but didn't *slaps self*:  When we left the theater heading for the parking lot - we were stopped.

By Garett.

Who actually ran after us saying something like how we couldn't leave without saying hello - or something like that.

I must confess, once he'd stopped us, I was - well - nonplussed. And now I know what that word REALLY means. I was the perfect definition. As Suzanne mentioned in her comment from "Garett's Play Part One", intros were made as neither Suzanne nor Regina had seen him, let alone met him. He introduced himself and Regina said something I'd wished I'd said when he first introduced himself to me (at the William Shatner Charity Horse Show), namely, "Oh, I know you're Garett!" and Regina said it just right because he gave her a beautiful grin in return. He was so totally wonderful and thrilled we'd actually come;  thankful to Marilyn for the gift, and wanted to hear what we all thought aboout the play. It was a short discussion because...well...how many ways can you say, "It was wonderful, amazing, you were fantastic..." and so on, right? But it was also short because he had to get back for an 'after the premiere performance' review to ensure all the kinks were worked out before Saturday's 'official' opening. Did I forget to mention earlier that Friday turned out not to be Opening night? That the theater changed it to Saturday (which was SOLD OUT - HALLELUJAH!). Anyway, it was better this way - we caught the "Premiere". *G*

There are now a few photos of the play up (probably more will be added after the opening), so head on over to the site, but here's the best one of Garett:

I think *now* I've covered everything a TS fan would want to know about Friday night. I'm so thankful I was able to go, that I have such wonderful friends, and that Garett is...well...Garett. He's *real*, you know? Just a 'real' guy, with so much talent both on and off the stage. Oh, and a final huge thank you to... oh my gosh, was it zz on senad who told us? God, my memory really is gone. *rolls eyes* Anyway, THANK YOU!
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I WENT! Four of us; Marilyn (caarianna aka Arianna, Suzanne aka knitty_woman and Regina, aka magician113 and Merlin) traveled to LA; the Theater of Note, to see Garett in Niagara Falls (and thanks to Regina, I made it, but that's another story). Note to everyone, TS fans or not: if you have ANY chance of being in Los Angeles between now and the end of the play's run; GO! You have until March 28th to see it, so do what you must - sell your first born - and I repeat; GO.

Yes, Garett is in it. Yes, I'm prejudiced, but still, he was MAGNIFICENT. And yes, I believe if you had no idea who he was, you'd agree after seeing his performance as "Bale"; PERIOD. I'm not going to explain the play in case you DO get to see it, because I don't want to spoil it for you (yes, it's that kind of wonderful, stupendous play that has so much more going on than you originally believe, thus yes, spoilers would, indeed, spoil it for you!) but I will explain Garett's character. He plays a 'carny', a guy who works for carnivals doing whatever required. In the play, he's the carny for the Niagara Falls Carnival, and when the time comes for him...all I can say is...WOW WOW WOW. He was funny, brilliant, and the highest compliment possible; after about 30 seconds, I forgot I was watching Garett. And that's saying more than you know, because I was in the front row; the only row actually on stage, and at one point in the scene, "Bale" moves downstage and was literally inches from me. Inches.

I don't think it will be giving anything away to explain that Bale has the job of trying to talk a man out of...burning down the rollercoaster. Why does he want to burn it down? Because his girlfriend has broken up with him and he's burning down everything having to do with her. It sounds heavy, right? Not with Bale in charge. It was pure genius. Funny, serious (in the subject) and down right brilliantly written with the manner in which Bale deals with this man and talks him out of his plan, leaving us laughing and silently clapping (because this play moves too fast to applaud out loud - and no, btw, there's no intermission).

So, the big question you're probably asking: "But how did he LOOK?" Fair question. It's been ages for most of us, right? Close to 20 years since seeing young Blair, if you've not been able to get to any of the charity events. Our guy will be 46 this May, so to answer your question: God, he looks good. I mean...really good. Yes, he's let his hair go naturally gray, but it's curly and beautiful and I know you're really wondering about that, so don't deny it. *G* "But aly, his eyes?" Guys, I can't even begin to describe them other than to say; there's no blue that can adequately define them. I've seen him up close before, sure, but with dark hair. And then, well, come on, the man has beautiful eyes. But now? With that hair? Yowzer. And what that man can do with a bowler hat? WOW (you need to go see the play because I'm not going to explain anything until after the 28th or March; again, the end of the run!).

The play was fun, funny, mysterious, uplifting, and I'd go again in a NY minute except I wouldn't want Garett to think I was stalking him! *G* But truly, I could honestly see that play every night - and that's with the character of Bale not coming on until about half-way through, so it's not just because of Garett, okay? It's truly that good a play. If I were reviewing, I'd have only two nits to pick: Big nit: Either lose the 'Fortune Teller' scene or do a rewrite because as it stands, following Bale and the would-be (and has-been) arsonist, it's the only slow scene in the play. Second nit: a better wig for a certain female character.

The day and evening was great, and being with those three other women lifted it up to level of outstanding. We ate at the famous "Umami Burger" restuarant which is across the street (sort of) from the theater (the girls treated me to a bd dinner, so a major thank you) and the Food Network didn't lie when they offered it up as one of the best burgers (it's actually been showcased a couple of times on the Food Network) around. It was. Then we headed excitedly over to the theater for the play. Oh, and one thing to remember about the theater is that it's a 'black box' theater, which means the 'room' can be anything and the audience can be seated anywhere. Black box refers to not only the fact you're in a small (and mostly black) room, but also the seating is on moveable black 'boxes' that allow the theater to place you anywhere necessary for a play, including "in the round". For "Niagara Falls", we were seated in the typical format except the front row, which as I mentioned, is actually on the 'stage'. The lobby will have snacks (homemade in some cases *g*) for you, but remember, this is a small theater. As in, like, 40 some odd seats? Get the picture? Small But powerful if Niagara Falls is any indication of the talent it presents!

So that's about it, fellow TS fans. Oh, and I wrote this during the Oscars, so it's taken me quite awhile, plus taking time out to cry for the most beautiful memorium the Academy has ever done, which reminded me of the incredible losses this last year brought us in entertainment. It's almost 8 now, it started at 5:30 (on the dot), so has about four more hours to go *snicker*, but I got done what needed to be done, so once again, I say; GO SEE NIAGARA FALLS.
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Yep, you read that right - Garett is in a new play in Los Angeles called, "Niagara Falls" . Maybe he's putting one toe back in the water or just wanted a break from his brilliant woodwork - but whatever the reason, I plan to somehow go as a slightly early birthday present to myself since Its official opening is Feb. 20th. The theater is called, Theater of Note and at the site, with the list of actors. It doesn't look as though he's the star, based on his location in the list, but who cares? HE'S ACTING and he's doing it HERE! So celebration time!


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I've received a few emails asking about my TS holiday stories (and SG1) because they were worried "...now that you're gone from 852 and 852 is at AO3" - so just this quick answer - all my TS stories are at AO3 under alyjude/sideburns and yes, they include all the holiday stories. Same with SG1. A few of them are also at my fiction journal, alysbasement, with cover art. Hope that helps. Oh, and yes, Silent Night is at both my fiction site and AO3.

Your regular programming is now resuming...hope you're watching something good! :)


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It's been so long, I hardly recognize the place! And I haven't even decorated for Christmas yet! Shame on me. Oh, well. I figure I ought to decorate my apartment first - then worry about my journal! LOL! Speaking of my journal - has anyone fainted yet to see me posting again? Or do you need to remember who I am first? *G* Yeah, it's been that long since posting!

Man, I've missed this place *looks around with interest*. Missed friends.

I got over a couple of humps on the 30th and 1st with no serious mental injuries. Instead, just a bittersweet smile in fond remembrance of Lucy, my beloved poodle, who passed away eight years ago last Sunday, and of course, my mom, who passed ten years ago yesterday.

I can't believe it's been ten years. Seriously. But I've made my peace and have only the good memories she left behind - and there were many. As for Lucy, well, I know she's in Abby. *nods knowingly* Too many similarities, especially when you figure there should be none since one was a dog, and one, a cat! LOL!

In a few months, it will also be ten years since I stopped working. I had a dream about that last night - the kind I haven't had in about five years. The kind where I think being off on disability was the dream, and working was the reality! I was positive I wasn't dreaming. My office was already decorated for Christmas (and Chanukkah!), the lobby was dressed up beautifully - with the usual twinkling multi-colored lights and the large - and real - Christmas tree in the corner, presents already piling up (from the Secret Santa almost the entire yard took part in) underneath. Oh, and even the bright red trash can; the one I bought back in '99 specifially to hold toys - was in its corner and already filling up with Toys for Tots, thanks to my generous employees. It was so darn real, you know? I could feel the carpet under my feet, and smell Elsa's (one of my Dispatchers) special Pozole cooking in her crock pot on our counter in the main office. I'm not kidding, I really could smell it - and it paired beautifully with the scent of the real balsam wreath on my office door!

When I finally woke up - which was hard because I was still arguing with myself over what reality versus dreaming and which was which - I realized that while I've come to terms with my PTSD, and that I may have it forever, and that my dreams of becoming the first female VP in my old company are long gone now *snickers at the absurdity of that dream*, I have not come to terms with the selfish part of me; the part that misses the Christmas season at work. Misses the party I threw for all the employess (at all four sites); all the fantastic food they'd bring from home; all special family/holiday recipes. The long tables dressed in red and full of colorful platters, bowls, baking dishes, and pitchers full of brightly colored punches - and of course, egg nog. Then, at the far end of the tables would be - yep - the DESSERT table. And not a store-bought dessert to be found. Nope, all homemade. Cookies, brownies, pumpkin cakes, rolls and pies. And - FUDGE - tons of fudge (because my staff knew that was my favorite holiday favorite *g*). Oh, and Mexican rice pudding. *thud* And OMG, the chocolate goodies were almost all made with Mexican chocolate, and I could always taste a hint of cinnamon. *licks lips*

Now, you have to know one would miss being 'the boss', right? I mean, come on. You get all the gifts and treats, right? My desk would look like Christmas morning at the Rockefellers! So YES, I admit it! I MISS THAT! See? Selfish. :) I miss every box of See's candies (and my employees always knew - cream centers for 'the boss', no fruit centers, thank you very much!), every loaf of pumpkin bread, every pumpkin roll, and every plate of fudge they'd bring in on that last day before Christmas break. Then there were the vendors. Oh, yeah. You know how you treat customers at the holidays, right? So while I was treating my customers (school districts) with hams, gift baskets, etc., my vendors were treating me.

the gift baskets. Who invented them, anyway? Whoever they are, I want to send them the very best gift basket possible, because for many years; many Christmas holidays, those gift baskets were so much fun for me and my mom. She loved it when, on the last day of school, I'd come home loaded down with presents from employees - and those gift baskets. She loved opening them and discovering each new treat nestled in colorful streams of straw. :) And yes, okay, I loved it too! And it didn't end then. Oh, no. In the first week of Winter break, my drivers would stop by and drop off more gifts and food, and See's! And in the second week, well, I worked hard to ensure the 30th (if the 31st fell on a Tues-Friday) would be our last day by shutting down all new purchases (of tools, stock, etc.) as of the 26th of December. Thus we could do year-end inventory in two half-days and take the 31st OFF! The vendors knew this, so on the 30th (or whatever), they'd start arriving around 8am, dropping off even more gift baskets - one for all of us, and yes, one for me. *sigh*  The smart vendors would arrive around 11am - knowing full well we were having our own New Year's party and there'd be a table full of food in the main office! My vendors were no dummies.

Yep, I miss that terribly. Silly, huh? But somehow, all that gaily wrapped cellophane, the big bows, the delving into the secrets within...and then the holiday-wrapped See's boxes...and yes, the fudge...were all a big part of the holidays for so many years, you know? Big squares of chocolate fudge, with and without walnuts; some made the old-fashioned way, some in the microwave, some with the marshmallow cream...and so many "...this was my grandmother's recipe..." that heralded a great new dish that demanded the recipe, and finally... employees who'd come shyly into my office to offer a gift, often made with their own hands (beautiful scarves, etc. and even a beautifully carved Santa one year); these all meant the real start of Christmas.

But I guess what I miss most of all, and what I experienced in the dream (besides how festive everything looked), were the faces I knew so well, and haven't seen for so many years now. Smiling, full of holiday cheer, glad to have two weeks off, but still kind and thoughtful enough to stop by during their time off to drop off yet more gifts, while introducing me to their children and/or their mother and father. Good people. Great school bus drivers.

I miss my staff, too. They always tried to surprise me on the last day of work - and usually succeeded - with a special gift they'd all 'chipped in on', and yes, a plate of homemade fudge and another box of See's! LOL! Sure, there'd be fights and arguments during the year, with our 'weekly' staff meetings often taking on the shape and sound of a world-class prize fight, but come the holidays, hatchets were buried (and not in backs *g*), all was forgiven, and we were not only one big happy family, but on the same wonderfully festive page too. Our half-days were packed with work, sure, but always with holiday music  in the background - and good food. Oh, and the desks! Did I mention the 'desk decorating' contest I ran each year? With the drivers invited in to vote? Oh, man, talk about fun - with each staff member trying to outdo their 'desk neighbor'. My Admin. Asst. and Payroll Administrator always went a step further; they decorated their entire office too! And usually won! Who could not vote for a Winter Wonderland, or Santa's Village with a stuffed, life-size Santa to greet everyone? Oops, maybe I should explain: we had one main large office separated from the lobby by one of those doors sliced in the middle so the top half could be open, you know? Anyway, the main office had my Charter Administrator, Operations Supervisor, and the Routing Department, with four offices opening out onto the main one. Admin. and Payroll had one of them, I had one, natch, and the two largest were for Dispatch and Training. And like...who cares now anyway? *slaps self* *G*

Wow, talk about a walk down memory lane. I guess we do that a great deal this time of year, don't we? And almost all of us have loved ones for whom only memories remain - and thank God, photos. I know it's difficult accepting the fact that memories will be it, but now, I've finally realized how much those memories enhance holidays; with a richness we could never have anticipated. Remembering a loved one; maybe by retelling a funny deed, or remembering a special, private moment between you; or a way in which they helped you in a time of need...or just remembering their laugh...these things don't take away from our holidays. I've learned that now. They enrich them. You might be celebrating slightly differently now - as I do - but the 'now' and 'then' somehow mold together in a wonderful way. And I never thought that would be possible. But it is. And it's...cool. :) And I'm most grateful for wonderful friends who have become my family now. Yeah, very cool. *g*

And now, on an entirely different note: The Big Bear Alpine Zoo!

So, they finally received approval from the San Bernadino Board of Supervisors - back in March - but still have not picked a contractor! That means NO ground breaking any time soon, unless weather is drastically different this year - as in no snow up there. And that means a Grand Opening in 2016 is highly doubtful since they've estimated buidling the new Zoo will take at least 18 months. Which means, coordinating the "final" auction with the Grand Opening and the 20th anniversary of The Sentinel - ain't gonna happen. BUT: we WILL have a full auction in 2016 because it is the 20th anniversary for our show. That gives you over a year and a half to get ready. :) We fams might be spread all over Social Media now, but we senfen are still out there, and still number high. We just have to pull it together. *g* So pass this info on.

As for 2015, there will be the Animal Adoption and the Special Donations part of the charity event. No bidding, just donations for a set price (set by the individuals who donated the item/story/art etc.), and for either a set number of people ("...to the first 'X' number who donate 'X' $.") or open for all ("...to anyone who donates 'X' $."). But there will be more about that in early 2015. :)

You know, I think I need to make a promise to myself to write in this journal more often now. Like at least once a week. Or month. Or year. :)

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