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If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks
Welcome to my Journal

This is where I jabber, blather, ramble, rant and comfortably insert foot in mouth as often as humanly possible. You may also find posts with art in the form of icons, wallpapers, banners and story cover art, thanks to discovering Photoshop a few years ago. I love creating fandom artwork almost as much as writing. Everything else you need to know about this journal or me can be found under the cut (including samples of my 'artwork' in the form of icons, banners, cover art; which are also links to the stories, and even samples of a few photo restorations I've done). You'll find more samples at my photo_fixer journal.

My stories (in The Sentinel, SG1 & SGA fandoms) are archived in several places, with one link under the cut while the others are on the left side of my journal under, appropriately enough: LINKS *g*.
That's about it, so continue on - at your own risk!

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Oh, and we have a fandom "Phone Tree" list (to help notify people when we lose one of our own) and if you'd like to be on it, you can find the info here.
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I'm not sure how to explain this...see, I don't do the post office anymore, haven't been able to for about three or four years, and no, I'm not going to fill up space explaining why - other than to say the reason is why I've depended on a couple of folks over the years to do my heavy mailings, like packages, etc..

Right now, I need to find two people who purchased items from me when financial needs meant selling possessions of a fandom nature - and non-fandom. Here are the two items who have owners that thought they'd never see them:

1) A Daniel Jackson Plaque I won at a con several years ago - it's a wooden plaque with a photo of Michael Shanks, in full Daniel mode, and protected by an acrylic covering. It's signed by Michael as well. Someone bought it from me, but I just don't remember who. So if it was you, yell out so I can send it out again. Fortunately, the plaque was not damanged in any way.

2) A John Shephard action figure. Also undamaged.

So what happened? I mean, you're reading this and maybe you're one of the above and you want to know  - or maybe you can spread the word, and maybe you're  curious too - or not *g*, either way, here's the story; one good enough to have been an episode of "Everyone Loves Raymond":

Around 11pm last night,  I received a call from one of the friends I used to rely on for mailing (she moved a while back, to Santa Barbara, which put us out of easy reach). Anyway, seemed the daughter and son-in-law that used to live with her, were in the process of selling one of the family's two cars. Now you're asking why Mags would call about this, let alone at 11pm, right? Well, seemed they'd just finished cleaning it OUT - as in hours to empty it and sort through the trash from the 'not' trash. Apparently it was the car, " dear son-in-law..." used for his job, which had kept him on the road, so was treated like...yeah, home. To give you an idea of how cluttered it was, Mags told me they found a wallet her son-in-law thought had been pick-pocketed three years ago. They also found a bunch of mail - old mail, as in the kind you "Scream bloody murder" when you discover the guy forgot to mail  - repeatedly. They found old bills, letters, even Christmas cards - and of course, packages, all destined for the PO, but all lost within the confines of his 'man cave on wheels'. And yes, amongst them were some that Mags had taken for me; items she'd in turn given to her son-in-law who, I guess, had been heading back on the road with a planned stop at the PO anyway. Did I mention the daughter's job? She did glass work which she sold online - and HE mailed out (yes, she found a few of those too, all supposedly 'lost in the mail'; items she'd had to recreate because they never arrived at their destination).

Anyway, most of the packages/mailers found in the car (heaped on the floor in the back seat, in the trunk, and in the 'hide-away' and no, I have no idea what that is), had to be opened because the labels were either missing, scarred, torn, or faded beyond recognition. That's when Mags discovered some of packages were mine, most of which I'd sold here on LJ, but a couple of them were Christmas presents I'd given her to mail; presents destined for friends in England. :(

Other items of mine had labels with enough remaining names and/or addresses, that, on the phone last night, Mags gave me, thus allowing me to figure out who bought them, thank goodness. But the two mentioned at the top - nope, nothing to help, no hints, not even the usual note I put inside packages. And no memory at all of who bought them from me. :(

I seem to have the worst luck when it comes to mailing anything other than items in regular-sized envelopes (which I can do myself downstairs) - and it always seems to be husbands who end up becoming my downfall. I just wish I could blame MY husband because that would mean I HAD one. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, I hope the fans who purchased the above items are still around and still on LJ! As for the other packages - obviously I need to figure out the best way to handle since the items are in Santa Barbara. Neither Mags nor I have any idea how much money I gave her for each, to pay for the shipping, but what I do know is everything will be taken care of and mailed by Halloween. Husbands need not apply to mail!

*embarrassed beyond belief, scuttles off and back to the basement - which is, sadly, empty nowadays*

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We interrupt your scheduled programming/surfing for this PSA.

There's a great deal of evidence suggesting that the above 'chemicals', in fact, all parabens, can increase the risks of developing breast cancer. Further more, many researchers believe they can cause cancer because these parabens mimic estrogen, one of the hormones involved in developing breast cancer. In the many studies conducted in trying to find a cure, something like 99% of biopsied breast tumors had significant amounts of one or more paraben, thus placing the chemicals in the "Must Avoid" category for women. You can type 'parabens and breast cancer' in your search engine and you'll find tons of info confirming this.

So why bring this up? Well, first, parabens are in almost everything out there, from our shampoos and cosmetics to our food, and the danger of parabens is now widely known within the medical community. The good news is many corporations that create our shampoos, etc., have gone to great lengths to remove parabens from their products. The bad news is A) it's still remarkably difficult to find replacement products, and B) the information has been remarkably slow in reaching us as in we, the women who buy these products.

Recently, I needed a body moisturizer (who knew as you get older, your skin gets drier?? Grrrrr), and being aware of the dangers of parabens, I spent a good deal of time reading the backside of tons of moisturizers - almost went blind reading the list of ingredients. Also became depressed at how many of them sounded so good...only to discover they had both methyl and propyl parabens (the two most dangerous to us) in them. By my estimation, about 80% of what I looked at still had parabens in them. Fortunately, I finally found a very good one (I mean REALLY good) completely paraben free and with mostly organic and safe ingredients. AND it was less expensive than the others I'd been looking at. I've had little difficulty in replacing everything and anything in my home that had parabens (of course, it meant reading every ingredient on everything).

So now the reason for bringing all of this up. The reason I'm posting this:

Suppose you had a friend with breast cancer. Probably not hard to imagine since the disease has touched so many of us. Now suppose she had an open wound on the breast with the tumor - and the wound required bandaging - and maybe has a nurse that comes out to clean/re-bandage it. With me so far? Okay. Now, the nurse uses a cleaning agent on the wound before bandaging. Duh. And after several visits, she finally leaves a bottle of the cleanser with your friend in case she needs to do a new bit of bandaging herself. The day finally comes when she does, so she takes out the bottle and uses it...continues to use it for weeks. Now there's more to this story, but it's not important, so I'll skip it and get to the punch line. The provider changed the 'home house call' agency which resulted in a new nurse being assigned, and she used something completely different. She left a bottle of the cleansing agent right away, so now your friend has two different 'solutions' to choose from. Can't help but ask herself; "Which one is the best?" I mean, come on, if you have breast cancer and an open wound - or one that's 'in recovery', you don't want just anything to clean it, right? Right. So she read the ingredients on the bottle the first nurse left her and had been using for weeks - and guess what one of the leading ingredients was?


I suspect your friend would FREAK THE FUCK OUT. *nods* And the second nurse? What did she use and leave for your friend?


Yep, saline. The one 'agent' most recommended for wound cleansing. And of course, no parabens.

Can you imagine how your friend would feel, knowing that for weeks a chemical that mimics estrogen, that has been proven a probable hazard to women when it comes to breast cancer,  had been used on her breast??? The one with the tumor???? And it was given to her by a medical professional????? Yeah, *ANGRY THUD*

So what have we learned? WE need to be our own advocate - and we need to be on top of our bodies, what we use on them and put in them. So start looking at everything you have; your deodorants, shampoo, facial cleanser, all types of moisturizers, your toothpaste (seriously) and mouth rinse, your foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, lip balm... and of course processed foods of any I need to go on? When you do, you'll be both shocked and surprised - and you'll need a large trash bag.

The good news is replacing most of those products will cost you less in the long run.

So ends this PSA.


For anyone who has tried to read "A Lifetime" (an SG1 novel) over at AO3 and discovered a chapter repeat, the missing chapter (2) has been restored and a few other corrections made, so the story will make sense now. :)


Yeah, I know I haven't posted in a long time. *looks around at the changes to LJ and pouts* Anyway, there's something weird going on with me, fandom-wise, and I'm wondering if other authors and/or artists have - or are - experiencing something similar.

First off, I should say simply: I can't write anymore. Period. My muse didn't just take off for awhile, to Tahiti or anywhere else. Nope, it died. Had a funeral and forgot to invite me. I think it officially began to die back in...'06. But its exact TOD? *shrugs* And yes, a person knows whether their muse is simply on vacation - or dead. I understood awhile back when opening some of my WIP's in order to try - again - to finish them. I was unable to even write a sentence. There was nothing, nada, zip, zero. Hell, I couldn't even remember what I'd planned for the stories, let alone what words were supposed to come next. If your muse up and died on you, did you figure out why? And no, that's not my weird problem but it would be help to know. I did finally figure out why mine died.

When I started writing, it was not only a creative need or outlet, fueled by this terrific show called The Sentinel, but it also proved an easy and fun form of escapism. Not from a terrible life or anything, just the normal 'get away from it all' for awhile. I could go into my room - and later, with a real computer, stay in the living room with mom - and, for awhile, escape into the world of Jim and Blair (later, Jack and Daniel and later still, John and Rodney) that existed in my imagination.

We know life is full of changes, right? And we try to be ready for them, adjust best we can, anyway, and mine was no different, but in 2004, well, I went through far too many changes that eventually left me as someone...else. Kind of. Then, a few years ago, I lost my "Jake" muse when a loved one; a cherished loved one, put up a wall between us, for reasons I still don't understand completely. With that...well, I could no longer write anything related to the "Jake Universe". It was that 'event' that led me to finally understand why my muse died. Life had become, well, too real and all to inescapable.

Now, don't misunderstand, this isn't a pity party, and having my muses die, isn't the 'weird problem'. The problem is...with their death, I can no longer watch TS, SG1 or SGA. And that's what I want to know from other fandom authors and artists.

See, watching episodes always included my imagination playing in the background. I watched, as did some of you, through 'slash-colored' glasses, and thus, stories were born; born from what was missing in each episode and built on what we were given. A few weeks ago, in a last ditch effort to fool myself into believing my muses were just on vacation, I decided to go on a TS binge, followed by an SGA binge - but I never made it past the first episode of TS. It was so painful, I had to turn it off. Same with SGA. There was absolutely no imagination playing in the background, no voice priming the writing pump with scenes to jump-start a new story. There was nothing. Not even enjoyment. :(

I think the last time I watched The Sentinel, prior to my planned 'binge', was with a couple of good fandom friends *waves at caarianna and magician_113 (aka, Marilyn and Regina, respectively *G*). We had a spirited discussion afterward (I was my usual pushy self), but while watching the show, I'd been uncomfortable. At the time, I had no idea why but remember chalking it up to my brain having turned into a quivering mass of frightened Jello in the last several years! LOL! But of course, now I know.

So. Cutting to the chase: Authors...and artists! Has this happened to you? Not being able to watch a show after losing your muse?


First off, Happy 4th to all my US friends. :) Second, this quick update on our Zoo.

new moonridge banner

As previously posted, the Zoo was finally given the approval required by the Board to actually start building. This has given us new hope once again with 2016 being the target year for the move to the new Zoo and of course, the Grand Opening. With that in mind, and knowing how hard it is for our talented authors and artists and everyone else who donates items, to create, find, and try to get their donations to the winners, there won't be an auction until a few months prior to the Grand Opening. This will give folks time to write, create, sew, find, save up, and even finish those brilliant stories your wonderful - and patient - readers have won in past auctions. *looks at self in mirror*

One part of our Annual Benefit that will be maintained is the Animal Adoption. Right now, it's planned for later this summer - and remember, adopting an animal can be done easily and only costs $25 to help the Zoo care for the animal of your choice. Every year, I'm asked why certain animals seen at the Zoo aren't up for adoption. The answer is simple: Only those animals who can't be released into the wild, and thus will spend the rest of their lives at our Zoo, are in need of adopting.

And finally, a senfen and great fan of both the Zoo and TS writers shared a great idea that allows you to 'give' to our Zoo all year long; namely a site called Goodsearch. I heartily encourage those of you who shop online to click on the link and join. "Friends of the Big Bear Alpine Zoo" is already one of the charities, as you'll discover when you type in the Zoo's name. Just remember not to type in Moonridge!! *G* It's the Big Bear Alpine Zoo now, remember! Once you've done that, you've joined, so simply go through the site to reach your shopping webpages like Amazon,, etc.. This will allow all of your purchases to count toward money for the Zoo. Kind of like eBates. :)

Oh, and you might pass your thanks along to magician113 who told me about this nifty way of helping our Zoo throughout the year!

Stay tuned to this page and/or gmfor_moonridge for more information on the upcoming Adoptions for this summer. and any and all other Zoo news!

photo for FAQ Garett and Cascade 4 twitter


I have BIG news regarding our beloved zoo, guys! As you may remember, everyone at The Big Bear Alpine Zoo have been waiting for over a year for the San Bernadino Board of Supervisors to approve the new zoo - and in April, they finally did it!!!


The Office Manager for the Zoo believes they'll actually break ground and begin the excavation process this year, with construction continuing through 2015. She further shared with me there's a good chance the new Zoo will have its grand opening by either summer or early fall of 2016 and yes, she also said it would be great to tie in the 20th anniversary of The Sentinel's first episode with the Grand Opening!!

Reminder: The Sentinel premiered on March 20, 1996, hence 2016 will mark the 20th anniversary of our beloved show.

So start saving now, guys. Save for the biggest, greatest Auction in our history (we'll run it two months prior to whatever opening date we're eventually given), and for, perhaps, that dream trip to California in 2016 to join in the Grand Opening festivities?

Please pass this one to all our TS senfen as well as any other fandoms who have joined us over the years in the auction and in the love and care of what will be, for us, the Moonridge Zoo! :)

alyjude & the Moonies


to one of my favorite icon creators, the wonderful:




To any healthcare friends out there, HELP? Two years ago, I was hospitalized for 5 days (a bowel obstruction). As usual, I was given a broad spectrum antibiotic called Zosyn (which can only be given via an IV). Oddly enough, that antibiotic almost corrected an unrelated problem and would probably have completely corrected it had I remained hospitalized long enough to complete the usual "7-10 days" for such an antibiotic. Unfortunately, once home, the problem, while almost gone, 'came back' since I was no longer receiving the Zosyn.

So here's where I need HELP: What ORAL antibiotic comes the closest to Zosyn that I could take now? I just completed 10 days on Bactrim, but it did little. I would assume I need something in the same "family" as Zosyn? Anyone know or have any ideas? Please?

I have a story over at AO3 called, "An Innocent Man" which I've now revised and corrected. FYI. Anyone alive over here? :)