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If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks
I wish to thank the wonderful friends who responded to my last post asking for your trust and help. I’ll be sending individual notes expressing my gratitude over the next few days, but in the meantime, I had to express my thanks here, where it started.

There were so many ‘bricks’ falling (in more ways than one) on me, all at the same time (something we’ve all experienced), that I knew it was big trouble. Even as my plea appeared, more bricks started dropping, leaving me faced with choosing between health, or my kitty’s, or my car’s (actually, Abby was going to get a mobile vet even if I had to steal), so it was really between me or the car. But then pattrose shared one of my major ‘bricks’ (the first one to fall) with her brother, Daniel, a minister, and, wonderfully, through his church, he donated something I desperately needed.

So now, as a result of your generosity, which had already helped with the other ‘bricks’, I no longer needed to make any choice. Your help made it possible for Abby’s mobile vet, and a new battery for the car. A battery which died without so much as a groan or click, for the final time, on Friday.

I was so lucky to find The Sentinel and Stargate SG1 fandoms; they changed me back in 1996. But they also introduced me to some of the finest women around the world, the finest writers and artists, and gave me such incredible friends. In addition, I found women with hearts so big, it’s literally impossible to express properly.

And now, twenty years later, almost to the day, fandom saved me.

So thank you; two words that hold a huge power, yet never seem to be enough

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I've never done this before, unless offering something in return, such as selling zines, etc. But I don't have much in the way of fandom memorabilia any longer, so I'm dispensing with pride and coming right out and asking for monetary help from any friends who know me via fandom and/or stories.

The reason is rather long and complicated so I'm asking for for $5-$10 from anyone willing to help, admittedly on nothing more than the strength of
knowing me.

Needless to say, I'm falling back on good old PayPal (please use whatever category *won't* cost you any fees) at either alysideburns@gmail.com or alyjude@cox.net.

Thank you for reading!


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Exciting news!. To all of the TS fans who've worked so hard for the Moonridge Animal Park (remember, it's now the Big Bear Alpine Zoo): the groundbreaking ceremony has taken place!

This news also means I apologize to everyone who've supported the Moonridge Auction in all its years, for my failure at keeping abreast of the zoo. I'd asked them to give me a head's up in order to organize the planned "Groundbreaking Ceremony Online Auction" prior to the ceremony, and sent another email back in January after reading at the site they'd hoped to start construction this spring, but I heard nothing, nor found any further updates - until I spotted the poster below after reading about one of the animals at the zoo (it was a comment from one of the past FOBBAZ presidents who followed our beloved Betsy)..this morning. 😡

I should have kept better tabs myself, especially since so many of the wonderful people at the zoo who worked with us over the years, are gone. I know how many of you wanted to attend the event as well, so again, I'm so sorry.

Initially we were told once construction began, it would take 18 months to two years to complete, so I promise to keep better tabs on the project so not only can we have the planned "Final Blast, Grand Opening Online Auction!", but you'll have time to prepare and save if you plan to attend! Cross my heart!

Again, my apologies for disappointing 😡, but so happy for the zoo that construction has begun!

Aly French's photo.


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sallymn so one must say....



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Yet another birthday, but if feeling stress, just remember...I'm almost old enough to your mother, knitty_kitty!



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Just 20-something years ago, you were born, which means you're an artistic and fiction-writing genius in TS! AND you barely a toddler when we started exchanging emails!



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I do not write this for birthday wishes, after all, the BD isn't until end of month, but I am writing this because I'm going to be...

I'm not sure I can type it.

I managed turning 30 without so much as a by your leave.

40 was easy (39 was HARD).

55 was COOL because here in CA it got me lots of discounts...okay, they were ...you know..
senior..discounts, but still...

If 55 was cool, 60 & 61 were pfft, and 62 just got me all the rest of the...you know...

But this month ... okay, I'll say it...





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Not everyone who passed between january 1st, 2015 and today, January 5, 2016, is listed here, obviously. But those who are here are because they were a large part of my life, life with my parents, old, wonderfully hoaky tv shows and movies, favorite scifi shows and movies, and singers/songwriters who impacted my listening experience (and a couple of screenwriters/producers responsible for favorite movies). You might have a different list, but I'm pretty sure we all lost favorites.
I cried like a baby when I saw this, which was when I found out he was gone from us
rod taylor

The rest are under the cut, many of whom won't make any of those award show memoriums.
PS: the lj-cut is showing with the dashes and scissors, but can't tell if it's working....

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To the wonderful, incomparable sara_merry99!

Birthday's come and go, and as they do, you can choose to age gracefully...

...or follow my example;
and be dragged, kicking and screaming, into your new age!

OTOH...you could fall for that old chestnut; "You're not getting older, you're just getting better...."

Of course, there's a reason something's called an "old chestnut"....

All this to say:



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