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alyburns' (aka sideburns & alyjude) Hiding Place
If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks
Everyone says Trump supporters can't be changed - but I say they're wrong. Why? Because the majority grew up during the Cold War era where our hatred and fear of Soviet Russia was in high gear. Even today, the word communist is still a dirty word in their world and is the worst thing a person can be labeled.

For Trumpsters, the United States coming under communist rule would be a fate worse than death. And now they're watching their beloved leader embracing a communist country; our primary foe for over 80 years, Worse still, they've watched their beloved leader embracing Russia's unscrupulous murderous, communist dictator.

So how does any of that help fight Fox News in order to get real facts out to the Trumpsters?

For me a light bulb finally went off and the answer became simple. First we remove the word "news" because we know they're not news nor do they have true journalists. So what do we replace it with? That's the next step: we rebrand them in a way that tells everyone what they really are:


From now on, we never say Fox News, instead, we use their real title, THE FOX COMMUNIST PROPOGANDA CHANNEL, because that's what they are; a machine that disseminates fascist communist propaganda.

But how we say it is as important as saying it. For instance, don't emphasize it, nor say it as if trying to teach something or tell them, or attach and a great importance to it. Instead, say it as if it were the most normal thing in the world; much the way you'd say the title of any other show. Like;
"Oh, I'm going to watch Hawaii Five-O tonight."
Or,"Did you watch America's Got Talent last night?" Or "You know, that Fox Communist Propaganda Channel really scares me." Or, "Oh no, I couldn't possibly watch The Fox Communist Propaganda Channel, it's opposite the Housewives of Atlanta!"

Yes, it'll take time; time to get used to it ourselves and time to make it a part of our new lexicon. We've got to practice and practice so that it trips over the tongue as easily as the old name. And yes, it will work, I've already seen it happen, so give it a try.

And remember we're not going after the hardcore supporters because they're white supremacists who, once they've lost a leader who's given them a mainstream voice, will go back into the woodpile they crawled out of, so no, our targets are the our neighbors, family members who took a very wrong right turn, and everyone else we meet, talk with or can get to through social media.

So go forth with the rebranding of machine formerly known as Fox News but is now The Fox Communist Propaganda Channel!

It'll work - honest.
And don't forget to spread this new logo as far and wide as you can.


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Welcome to my Journal

This is where I jabber, blather, ramble, rant and comfortably insert foot in mouth as often as humanly possible. You may also find posts with art in the form of icons, wallpapers, banners and story cover art, thanks to discovering Photoshop a few years ago. I love creating fandom artwork almost as much as writing. Everything else you need to know about this journal or me can be found under the cut (including samples of my 'artwork' in the form of icons, banners, cover art; which are also links to the stories, and even samples of a few photo restorations I've done). You'll find more samples at my photo_fixer journal.

My stories (in The Sentinel, SG1 & SGA fandoms) are archived in several places, with one link under the cut while the others are on the left side of my journal under, appropriately enough: LINKS *g*.
That's about it, so continue on - at your own risk!

Don't forget to click on the lj cut!

Oh, and we have a fandom "Phone Tree" list (to help notify people when we lose one of our own) and if you'd like to be on it, you can find the info here.
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I still have work to do on Jake and The Beast but wanted to thank everyone who were so kind to give it a read and leave comments. It's been 10 years of being unable to write, but maybe now the muses have returned. In the meantime, as starwatcher307 pointed out, maybe Jim wasn't such a good name-giver after all, so while I do some work on the Jake snippet, anyone want to come up with other names for The Beast, aka "Queenie"?


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A story. No, barely a snippet (2,000 words), but I managed to write something. I know, shocked the hell out of me too. Nevertheless, I put words together, based on a beautiful photograph. Jake Universe, you've been warned.


by alyjude

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The entire six seasons of Downton Abbey (some of the series discs have really cool extras on them). Only viewed S1&2 - other seasons opened but unused. Will include set of Downton Abbey cork coasters.

$65 - PayPal - FREE SHIPPING (via Media Mail). Email or comment below if you want them. FIRST COME, FIRST SOLD (okay, that's kind of obvious).

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The Sentinel is back on television! 

You read that correctly, but only for those of you who have the semi-newest secondary channels for networks like KCOP, etc. in California. For Cox customers, it's on Channel 819 or KFTRDT2, meaning the 2nd channel for that network. It's on Mondays through Fridays at 1 o'clock. Today's episode was Seige




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A fellow senfen suggested I post the GoFundMe updates here as they're easier to read, so here's the latest posted this morning around 3am:

"Well, it's time for another update and, while Abby is doing fine, the fact is she threw up Thursday night, which technically was right on schedule. You may remember from a previous update, the mobile vet has Abby on the anti-nausea medication with a "4 days on and 7 days off" schedule, while giving the new diet a chance to take hold.

The first cycle started on a Saturday and ended on a Tuesday and, for the four days "on", there was no vomiting, but on Thursday, day two of the "Seven days off" - she threw up. And so it went for the remaining "off" days, with Abby vomiting about every other day. As it happened, the second cycle ended on the Tuesday before the vet appointment, which made Wednesday "Off Day One", which is why it was technically on schedule when she spit-up on Thursday, day two.

There were a couple of things though that gave me pause; one of course being that she'd had major surgery, but the vet didn't warn about the possibility of it causing or triggering vomiting, but still....

The other was that I'd forgotten there was only one can remaining of her newest food, which she ate Wednesday night - only 3oz., as instructed. But that meant on Thursday I had to give her a packet of some boxed-up food awaiting a return label. It was purchased back when the vet suggested trying grain-free with limited ingredients - and before she said to change to the "Novel Diet".

It was just plain chicken breast with pumpkin in chicken broth (meaning nothing but chicken juices and water), so I thought it would be safe (which makes me a stupid cat owner - or stupid owned-by-a-cat-human). It was only *after* she'd scarfed it down that I remembered the full description of "Novel Diet" which is you don't give them anything they've eaten before. And it was also *after* she'd scarfed it down that I remembered chicken is the first protein cats can develop an intolerance for as they grow older. Yes, I know, I lose even more pet owner - or owned-by-pet points. Anyway, she spit-up three hours later.

Compared to every other episode, this was almost insignificant as it was so little and the same color as the food. Even her yowl was different; it was more of a half yowl/half meow, at which point I picked her up, put her on the ground, stuck a paper towel under her, where upon she obligingly spit-up. She then moved back, sat up and watched me throw it out and test the carpet, which wasn't damp. She then jumped on the bed and took a bath.

It's now technically Saturday (3:00 am) and she hasn't thrown up since Thursday so I'm really hoping she continues in this vein. She now has more cans of the Nature's Variety Instinct, thanks to a friend who picked up a few to tide us over until the larger order, due Wednesday, arrives.

Basically, the next week and a half (from this last Wednesday) is important. If we make it past the the length of time the antibiotic shot lasts (5-7 days) without anti-nausea medication and no vomiting, we may have found the answer, namely the infected teeth and/or food intolerances.

But if the vomiting continues, then, as the doctor said, we move to the next phase; ultrasound and possible exploratory surgery.

Right now I really just want to put some weight back on her and keep her happy.

By the way, as mentioned in several different updates, when we find the problem, and everything's taken care of, if there's money left in the "kitty", I'd be doing refunds (less the fees). Some have already let me know they don't want theirs, but because I'm a positive thinker and thus believe - must believe - that between her new diet and the removal of those teeth, we might have done it. But I still wanted to remind you of the offer and ask that you just let me know that, if we reach that point, you do indeed want a refund.  So please drop me an 'e' ASAP!

Thank you all again and don't worry, I'll keep everyone informed as we go through this next week and a half, so keep those good thoughts, and crossed fingers crossed, even if you have to type/text with your toes! And keep spreading the word...just in case.


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