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My Hiding Place

Welcome to my Journal

This is where I jabber, blather, ramble, rant and comfortably insert foot in mouth as often as humanly possible. You may also find posts with art in the form of icons, wallpapers, banners and story cover art, thanks to discovering Photoshop a few years ago. I love creating fandom artwork almost as much as writing. Everything else you need to know about this journal or me can be found under the cut (including samples of my 'artwork' in the form of icons, banners, cover art; which are also links to the stories, and even samples of a few photo restorations I've done). You'll find more samples at my photo_fixer journal.

My stories (in The Sentinel, SG1 & SGA fandoms) are archived in several places, with one link under the cut while the others are on the left side of my journal under, appropriately enough: LINKS *g*.
That's about it, so continue on - at your own risk!

Don't forget to click on the lj cut!

Oh, and we have a fandom "Phone Tree" list (to help notify people when we lose one of our own) and if you'd like to be on it, you can find the info here.
If you're here because you know me, cool, because that means you're used to my spouting off. If you're here because you've read my Sentinel, SG1 or SGA stories, great, but you won't find me posting my fiction here as this journal is for rambling - which is cool if you enjoy the blatherings of others. *G* If you'd prefer to read my fiction, then head over to my fiction-only journal, alysbasement or any of the archive links you'll find - you know, as I said before - on the left side of this journal under...yeah, LINKS. Oh, and if you're interested in the writing process itself, or maybe in betaing or learning what beating a story is all about, you might check out my yahoo group, alyjudescellar which is where I post my fiction first so that it can be beta'ed (read: thoroughly overhauled) before posting. Email me if you'd like me to sub you. :)

Of note: I also share a community called jb_daily with luna_61 which is a photo journal dedicated to Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg. Anyone can post there as long as it's art work (photos, icons, screencaps, banners, etc) of Jim, Blair or both. It hasn't been very lively lately, but hopefully 2012 will signal a resurgence of love for the guys and a desire to see them every day. *fingers crossed*

I also have a political blog where I prattle on about any thoughts my ill-equipped brain comes up with regarding current political news and events. It's called "American Politics - The Speak Out Party". If interested, it can be found
here. And as I mentioned earlier, I've another blog, this one for my fledgling photo fix business, called AJMS PhotoFix. All the information needed if you'd like to use my service can be found at photo_fixer or my above mentioned blog, or you can email me at: alysideburns at gmail dot com.

If you tweet, you can find me on
Twitter and I'm back on Facebook again as well. Yeah, I know, I'm suspicious of FB, but it's partially responsible for hooking me up with my best childhood friend, so what can I say?

I also have a Dreamwidth account which serves as the mirror site for Moonridge Auction fiction. We're trying to have one spot for all the wonderful stories written by great authors supporting the zoo with their incredible talent. If you wrote a story for the auction, send it to me and I'll get it up. All the info you need is at
. We'd love more auction stories! HINT-HINT!

(PS: If interested in Dreamwidth, check with me, I may have some invites left)

And finally, many people have asked me over the years about the food mentioned in my fandom stories, and if they were real - as in real recipes they could have. Well, the answer is yes, and all can now be found in a real cookbook offered it up a few years ago during the Moonridge Auction. However, it's now available to anyone who loves to cook. You can purchase it via
Ancient's Gate Zines (every single recipe in any of my stories can be found in it, and yes, because it's not fanfiction, but a real cookbook, some of the money actually comes to me! YIPPEEE!).

Guess that's it - other than my online art and if that floats your boat, you'll find samples below - otherwise, that's about it other than warning you to read my journal at your own risk! *g*

John's...rear...for your enjoyment. From the SGA episode, "Vegas"

Done for Moonridge Auction

Story Covers
(Yes, I do covers for other's as well)
(These covers serve as links to the stories)

A New Year's Eve Story

Sequel to Ordained

General banners/wallpapers

This was done as a result of a brilliant tutorial

Another banner thanks to a great tutorial!


(free to a good home)


Recent Winners


Samples of My Photo-Fix Work

Glamorized Photo Example

Restoration Samples

                         Original                                  Step 1                                   Final

Original and restored final product in card frame (also restored)

Original photo and finished product - handpainted to restore

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