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MOONRIDGE AUCTION UPDATE - alyburns' (aka sideburns & alyjude) Hiding Place — LiveJournal
If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks
Today marks the halfway point for this special edition of the Annual Moonridge Auction!!! The good news? We're also 'almost' halfway to the goal amount! The bad news? We're only 'almost' halfway.

The good news?

That almost' amount is already PAID, which just proves, as always, that this is THE best fandom anywhere! The bad news? We only have $650 in animal
adoptions, which puts us way behind our normal amount (since the adoptions
never depended on bidding) but the good news is that the $650 is all PAID.

More good news? No one has to worry about items 'closing' as the auction ends
at 12:00PM one week from today. The bad news? There are LIMITED items, many
of which are either closed, or close to closing - same with the CLAIM items
- so while you don't have to play the timing game this year, you DO have to
put in for those LIMITED and CLAIM items NOW - you can't afford to wait on
them like you can with the OPEN items. And it's more difficult because you can't SEE the results the way you could when it was a bidding auction!

And speaking of auction items: we have some new ones up - so head on over to our website and check them out, not to mention the cutest animals ever!

SPREAD the word, pass this on and let's surprise the heck out of everyone by
meeting and exceeding our goal in spite of no event at the park and the
current economy, because this is ONE auction where you can get so much - for
SO LITTLE! And while you're spreading the word, drop an email to Virginia
Sky (rassie@comcast.net) and thank her for the usual brilliant job she does
at getting all the items loaded on our beautiful site (also created by her!)
And a big thanks to Rae Evans, Gerri Beer and Ande Lawrence for constantly
forwarding these posts to lists I'm not on and to the GMOH for their offer
to get Garett to sign those special photos for the lucky TEN people who
donated for them! (There are, in fact, only 2 spots left for that particular
item and then it's CLOSED!)

Go under the cut for a list of items that, as of now, have little or no donations yet -

Limited Items that are CLOSED

#5 - #11 - #18 - #25

Claim Items that are CLOSED

#6 - #11 - #17 - #18

Limited Items with few or zero donations

#8, #13, #16, #17, #21 thru #24, #26 thru #31 (all zine packages), #33, #35 and #36
#38, #40 and 41

Open Items with few or zero donations

#2a thru #4, #12

Claim Items with few or zero claims

#1 thru #4, #12 and #13, #16
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