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Moonridge PUSH! - alyburns' (aka sideburns & alyjude) Hiding Place
If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks
Moonridge PUSH!
Please feel free to pass this on, post in your journal, list, or blog

One week from tomorrow - the auction BEGINS - amazing as that sounds. And in a little over a month - the Moonridge Sentinel Day takes place in Big Bear. So I come to you with a suggestion, beginning tomorrow.

If you've donated an item for the Auction - start ADVERTISING tomorrow. If you've donated more than one item, put one up a day until the start of the auction. Put them up on your journal, list them as reminders on your lists, message boards, blogs, Facebook, Myspace -whatever! Just ADVERTISE. And don't forget, the following fandoms are represented in the auction - this isn't just The Sentinel anymore!

SmallvilleStarTrekBeauty & the Beast
ProfessionalsMiami ViceA Team
A TeamCold SquadSuperman
West WingMAG 7ST-TNG
Quantum LeapDemon Under GlassOne West Waikiki
Original FictionTwin PeaksStargate SG1
Stargate AtlantisHarry PotterPotC

If you know someone without a journal but who donated, use one of the upcoming days to ADVERTISE for them!

For one solid week - keep Moonridge at the forefront of all we do.

The next months are going to be tough on the animals, volunteers and workers of Moonridge. They're still waiting for the final word from the National Forest Service and if you think things will run smoothly? Guess again.

Some facts:
  • They estimate 1-1/2 to 2 years to finish the new zoo once permitted to break ground.
  • Their lease is irrevocably up on February, 2010.
  • They'll be moving from a 2-1/2 acre privately held piece of land - onto 25 acres of National Forest land.
  • The land they currently reside on - has already been sold to a developer
  • The new zoo's buildings will depict the history of Big Bear – Serrano Native Americans, the California Gold Rush, the 1920 thru the 30s and, finally, right up to the 21st Century – all with an eye on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification
  • The National Forest Service started their 45 day impact study late, but results should be in any time now - and fingers are crossed

And if you don't think our monies this year are needed:
  1. Just over $9 million in funds have been received but they still need another $10 million to complete the park - and that doesn't count supporting the animal park up to and THROUGH the move! Now more than ever - we're needed.
Differences between the new zoo and our intimate animal park:
Old animal park versus New Zoo
Old ZooNew Zoo
noise, next to ski resortquiet national forest
not w/c accessibleADA certified
2.5 acres25 acres
cramped exhibitsspacious exhibits balanced within the eco-system
heavy winter monthswinter light snow, sunny slopes
minimal street parkingample dedicated parking including handicapped
contained within a residential districtno residences within *miles*
old, poorly insulated bldgs21st century buildings, all LEED certified
poorly retrofitted kitchen and animal hospitaltop of the line kitchen and veterinary wild-animal hospital with attached OUTDOOR rehab space
current facility is only a park and only ZAOA certifiednew zoo will also have AZA accreditation and will be a completely contained eco-system

And don't forget - your donations, be they items for the auction, or money, are all tax deductible. Your paypal receipts are proof of donation and for those donating zines, memorabilia, etc, your tax person will advise you of their itemized worth.


OUR WEBSITE: www.mafg.org/home.htm

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