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MOONRIDGE UPDATE - alyburns' (aka sideburns & alyjude) Hiding Place
If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks
Lots of changes this year, so please read carefully (this will be cross posted to both the Moonridge Journal etc.) and feel free to spread the word!

I've been in conversation with Betsy at the zoo and right now, 2013 (probably Fall) is the projected opening for the new zoo. With that - and the economy, in mind, I've made a couple of decisions, both of which Betsy agrees.

First off, this year, there will be no regular auction. We want to give all the fans a chance to 'catch up' without having to worry about the auction. I also know that many writers are still working on past years stories and this will give them all a breather and a chance to catch up. No juggling, no deadlines, no worries this year about offering stories, let alone trying to get them done. :) 

Second: We will have the Animal Adoption part of the Auction this year - which gives everyone a chance to aid the zoo, but with no pressure to offer items or to bid - and - at a cost that is manageable while still greatly benefiting the zoo. Betsy will be sending me the info on the animals in April; we'll announce and open our website in May (so everyone can check out the animals) and the actual adoption period will start June 25th and end one month later (yep, you read that right - one month to adopt!) All necessary information on the 'how to' etc., for the Animal Adoption will be provided on the website in May and at the gmfor_moonridge  journal.

In 2012, depending on the economy, we'll run the condensed version of the auction, similar to the one we ran in 2007 (or was it 2008?). Anyway, the condensed version means NO bidding at thefreeauction.com site. We'll offer Special & Claim auction items only, like,

1. Everyone who donates a set amount, (example: "To everyone who donates $5, they'll receive....") or
2. A specific number of people donate a set amount, (example: "To the first 10 who donate $25...."), or
3. The first - and only - person to donate a set amount (example: "The first person to donate $50 will receive....")
4. CLAIM"I'll donate $25 to Moonridge for one author  who will write me a TS/H50 xover, J/B and S/D."

But in 2013, we'll run what we hope will be the biggest and best FULL-FLEDGED auction EVER. Why? Because it will probably be the last - and most certainly will be the Grand Opening Auction. For this, well, writers, I hope you'll use the next two years to get that grand opus ready, and folks, here's hoping you'll start saving up, collecting items for donations, the works - because this fandom is the best and it would be great to finish our auction efforts to help Moonridge move to a new zoo by offering them a final - staggering - amount of auction money to be presented during the Grand Opening!!!

Every year of the last five, we've come close to $20,000 (and I believe, technically, we may even have reached it), but for 2013 - we need to not only reach it, but slaughter it.  With that in mind:

Our goal for 2013 is $30,000
for two weeks of work!

And yes, I'm working on some very special offerings for 2013 - very special. :) 


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