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NCIS FINALE - among others - alyburns' (aka sideburns & alyjude) Hiding Place
If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks
NCIS FINALE - among others
Under the cut to protect the innocent....

We know it's not over since A) we don't know what EJ took from Agent Levin's arm (nor do we know why Ducky didn't discover it - except - we know he did and Gibbs will know everything before we do - hell, before poor Tony does *g*) and B) Ray's text message about Kort. So...one thread of this mess is disposed of...but more trail on into next season. What a surprise. Not. Which means that in the file given to Tony was either a photo of EJ or Ray, hence he will end up investigating either his own possible love interest - or of Ziva's. In any case, both will be dealt with next season so the writers can bring back "Tiva". *sigh*

I at least pray that The Mentalist has a great series finale. *please God* And at least Castle was spectacular. Not surprising, but still spectacular since we know their boss left instructions to Kate on how to take down the man who killed her mother (instructions including a fake death? *nods sagely*). But poor Castle in the meantime. But hey, at least he finally got to say it. Of course, if the writers don't want that, than Kate has really been shot and will claim not to remember anything. *sighs* In either case, it was 10x better than H50.

And YAY, Boston Rob won after the best game of Survivor ever. BUT if I'd been him, I'd have given Matt the $100,000. I really would have. I'm always amazed how angry some players get when in reality, they have no right to. I don't mean the kind of surprised hurt when betrayed (although, if they've watched it long enough, they should know better) but the kind of "I'm better than you" anger. And this time, coming from a team that gave up a challenge in order to get rid of Russell. Once you've done that, you have no right to any anger at how others chose to play the game. BTW: I'd have agreed to giving up a challenge to get rid of him too - immediately. That man has an ego the size of Texas and has the gall to get angry at the same teammates he was telling the camera he'd control and that were stupid. To him, all players are stupid. I have no sympathy for him whatsoever.

And finally, I find myself needing to talk about Oprah. My God, my opinion of her has plummeted. I will always be grateful for all she's given television, but man, we're getting the shiv with these last shows and if I'd been part of the audience for the Frey two-parter? I'd have felt cheated. Major cheat. But the real crime? I timed both episodes. Yesterday's version was 25 minutes out of an hour and today's was 26, with the longest airing before a break of 7 minutes devoted to Frey's new book (in other words, a commercial). If you think that's normal, guess again. Ellen's show runs at about 43-45 minutes of actual air (sometimes only 40, especially during sweeps). Most 1/2 sitcoms/shows run about 22-24 min. out of 30 and most hour long dramas run between 45-50 minutes depending on whether they have a teaser before the opening. As you can see, that leaves Oprah's show clearly way under the norm.

So why? Is she trying to pay for OWN by selling more commercial time? I know that watching a movie on OWN is worthless. I've tried twice and gave up in frustration when the commercial interruptions came every two or three minutes - literally.

I'm also seeing a wee bit too much...ego. More than I want to see. Suddenly her final season is a place for folks to come and apologize to her? Or kiss her feet while pushing their newest projects (like Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts). Yes, we owe this woman a great deal, and maybe she's entitled to the ego? But somehow, the taste is just - off. But it could be just me. 


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