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H50 got me out of bed - finally - along with a few others - alyburns' (aka sideburns & alyjude) Hiding Place
If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks
H50 got me out of bed - finally - along with a few others
Each show is under the cut for spoilers and in case some aren't in the least interest to you. *G*

I'm seriously thinking of giving up on H50. That opener was...RIDICULOUS. No, beyond ridiculous. The writers were on some serious drugs or on vacation and gave over the scripting duties to the local zoo's chimps. Oh, sure, the single line about Danny's wife was satisfactory, but really, she underestimated how pregnant she was? *thud* Even the chimps are letting us down. But again, at least we no longer have to worry about the wife and Danny gets his daughter back (and we had the satisfaction of knowing Steve meant more to him *g*) and we got those 'looks' via the rear-view mirror. *g*

As for wrapping things up - I spit on the sidewalk in front of the chimps writers - an old Irish gesture *snicker*.  1. (in no particular order) - For all the secrecy about Wo Fat, he seems to be known by everyone, shows up everywhere (including the Governor's funeral) and yet walks into the prison to kill Spike Victor *rolls eyes*
                 2. The hidden camera. *rolls eyes again* Gee, EVERYTHING is gone except 2 scenes and how fortuitious that they just happen to be 2 very important scenes: the one clearing Steve (duh) and the one that supposedly 'implicates' Steve's father. Er...hello? Man suspects Governor convorting with bad guy so plants hidden camera and come on, obviously he was undercover - HELLO? And gosh, how convienient that the sound on the 2nd scene was off and how equally convienient that suddenly these guys, with all their gizmos couldn't work on the video (you know, like, hey, let's bring Abby over from NCIS or - as they're actually going to do later - bring Prentiss over from CM, who then could then get their Wonder Woman to do her magic - OR, even easier and costing less money - they could hire a LIP READER for the one piece of video (but they still need Abby or Garcia for scene #1 to clean it up and do their magic to compare the man from Video 2, blah, blah, blah and prove it's Wo Fat)
               3. I didn't watch the final episode last year so don't know why Kono is under investigation by IA but no matter - if they replace her - I definitely kill the show. Period. And I'm glad I was right about Jenna - that she was too good to be true. (PS: at least Grace Park is in the show through the next three episodes - all that any resource shows - but alas, so is the new blond, Officer Weston - blech)

              4. I'm tired of Steve channeling Superman *sigh*

I could go on with the problems, but I'm already bored....
NCIS: Total COP-OUT. Here I was looking forward to another season of Tony undercover (thus Tony-centric with Gibbs worrying) but I got the dreaded Flashback episode. AND the same chimps are doing double duty. At the very least, this should be a two-parter (scenes from next week's episode would say NO) but it didn't even need that - the minute Gibbs saw that photo, the next scene should have been our two bad guys sitting down to sell the info and, as each buyer pops up, and the line about the bidding starting is said, the screens should have gone black and then something akin to what Jeff Goldblum's character did in Independence Day when he uploaded the virus should have shown up just as Gibbs and crew walks in. Then we flash to McGee (or Abby), fist pumping, etc. It was just plain a stupid episode and we're still stuck with agent Borin (I assume, since she disappeared and was also wearing a vest?). Bored again....
NCIS-LA: Only question: Will Hetty simply be 'recuperating' while they play with Clair Forlani's character? They're both listed in the first 5 episodes of this season (which again, is as far as any resource I could find would go), so I'll keep my fingers crossed. Hetty goes - I go. I refuse to do the 'ust' thing between Forlani's character and Callen's. Period.
CSI:NY: I fell asleep, but assume all is well? Feel free to fill me in on Mac being back and Danny back in the lab instead of on the street!
CSI: YAHOO, Ted Danson!!!!!! I shall return to my beloved show....

Criminal Minds: YAHOO, our team is BACK!!!! Was this planned all along or did A) the ratings dip accordingly and/or did they get so much feedback, they had no choice? Who cares, they're BACK!!!! (I'll still only watch the episodes that don't involve children dying or serial killers who do horrible things to women - which I know, limits me, but still, my team is BACK - and no, I don't care how the writers or chimps did it!!!)
I actually slept through SURVIVOR! *tears out hair - rethinks hairtearing* You know, I may not care. *thud* BUT I also slept through Blue Bloods - except the very end - which leads me to believe Papa Regan's job is on the line? Anyone? Bueller?
I can't say anything about Castle - didn't see it and My Primetime with Cox Cable ain't working :(

And finally: The Mentalist. Ah, The Mentalist. The twists, the turns, the stupidity. OTOH, this season could be the best IF Jane didn't realize he'd killed the real RJ until the very end. Yes, we now have to work to get the team back - blah, blah, blah - but Jane will have a chance to really delve into that time he believed he'd actually killed in cold blood and how it might change him and how he now goes about finding the real RJ (and yes, don't we all know the big boss is the real CBI mole? After all, he's now a regular on another show *g*), so this may be the best season yet - or just more of the same, which could really destroy the audience. :(
And that's it. So far. More new premieres tomorrow, though. :) Can't wait for the Good Wife! And Amazing Race with Ethan and Jenna!!!


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cross_stitchery From: cross_stitchery Date: September 25th, 2011 05:35 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh, sure, the single line about Danny's wife was satisfactory, but really, she underestimated how pregnant she was?

i know it sounds crazy, but one of my colleagues recently gave birth to her third child - and she didn't even know she was pregnant for the first four months. it happens more often than you think.

also, i don't think those two scenes were the only ones, just the ones they needed to show for this particular ep. we'll see - if they continue with this story line...

not sure what to think about Jenna. she sure didn't look happy, so i'm curious to see what they do with this. and, as for Kono, there's no way she'll be leaving any time soon unless Grace Prk wants out of the show.

i don't mind a lot of the credibility gaps, because god knows, i'm not watching the show for the plots. and the slash is sure gold.

theantipam From: theantipam Date: September 25th, 2011 07:21 am (UTC) (Link)
Criminal Minds - I'm so glad the team is back together. The reactions of each team member seemed pretty much in-character, and I had a tear or two for them all. To production and writers: Please PLEASE don't muck up this show again!
kaleecat From: kaleecat Date: September 25th, 2011 07:27 am (UTC) (Link)
I grew bored with H5O a long time ago, now that I have on-demand I might watch it again. But Castle comes first. Tho I was annoyed I missed the ep last season when Steve's dad's killer, played by James Marsters, popped up again because James Marsters. enough said.

I'm still finishing last season of NCIS, I've had issues with show for a long while so I tend to hoarde it saying I won't watch but then get lured in by the hope of good tony & gibbs stuff at the last minute. I just finished the ep where we meet EJ -- yuck, I hope she dies soon.

NCIS:LA - no hetty means no watch. It would have been more interesting if Forlani's character really was the bad guy IMO.

CSI-NY: sorry can't fulfill your wish. But it was a very well done episode centering in part on remembering/flashbacks to 9/11 for some of the team. I did get teary-eyed at times. The pretty Jaime Ray Newman (Cadman from SGA) played Mac's wife.

CSI: I stopped watching regularly when Grissom left, and was bored stiff by Langston vs. the serial killer. (tho i did like the ray & doc robbins stuff). The ep had some of the quirkiness of the early years, which I missed. But the fight between Catherine & Nick at the end--pot kettle my dear as she's been bending rules since the beginning. Jury is still out but I'm more likely to watch now.

Criminal Minds: the backlash from firing AC, then PB was fierce. I think it was that, ratings, the bland blonde *and*, I suspect, the remaining cast raising hades over it on the quiet. I feel like the season premiere was horribly rushed, it should have been a 2-parter and we were cheated by the skip forward as we missed JJ's true return. I'm intrigued by the reveal in the committee that Reid had *not* asked for re-instatement, and yeah him for insisting on being called Dr.

The Mentalist: as I started watching this show very late, catching early eps when can on TNT, I'm not as tired of the RJ thing as others. I did find the ep to be too easily resolved, twists to be contrived, & lordy, any sense of legality out the window. And seriously, what is with whats her name driving all over the place when she has her shoulder in an immobilizer? I haven't decided it he was or was not Red John, and it felt like the writers haven't decided either.
(Deleted comment)
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