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Just popping in for a few to talk TV... - alyburns' (aka sideburns & alyjude) Hiding Place
If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks
Just popping in for a few to talk TV...
Raise your hand if you know - like I know - like we ALL know - that Grace Park's character on H50 is undercover. Thought so. I mean, do the writers really think we're dumb?

I can't believe I asked that.

And I love Terry - but to be honest, I just want my team back and for H50 to get on with it. *sigh*

No comment on The Mentalist other than a mystified shake of the head at their writers. They obviously borrowed H50's chimps.

New shows - er...have I watched any? Oh, yeah, Pan Am. No way I could miss that. My dad worked for Western Airlines ("the only way to fly"), which, while not in direct competition with PA (after all, it wasn't called Western Airlines for nothing *G*), still, I remember the stewardesses, the tailored uniforms and hats, the elegance, even for the short trips. Thanks to dad's job, we flew free not only on Western (first class), but free on PA and a few others if we were willing to fly standby (duh, of course we were!) so I remember flying PA when I was...maybe 11 or 12? to New York. All those early years of flying left me dreaming of being a stewardess - the only time I ever dreamed of being something that was 'strictly' a female job. But oh, how I wanted to wear those uniforms, the cute hats, the gloves, and travel the world. *sigh* Of course, my dad tried to give me the facts, but when you're dreaming of adventure via a beautiful blue uniform and wings - you don't listen. But eventually, my dad found a way. First he took me to a class at Western where the young women learned the job. The teacher was female and spoke as if it were the most wonderful job in the world. Then he took me to the airport (LAX) and the Western offices and I caught on.

At the airlines, the stewardesses were, once their uniforms were inspected (and yes, they were weighed in) invisible, except to each other. They fought for seniority anyway they could, fought for the cross-country flights versus the dreaded 'turn-arounds', and they even faced the same crap young actresses (and young actors) faced: the airlines weird version of the "casting couch".  The male employees thought of stewardesses as 'things' and that included the pilots (who often referred to them as "air wives" if they were half-way polite but, more often, the pilots called them "air holes").

It was rough finding out my dad was right. Usually we don't discover that until we're adults, so it was quite a shock. My dad. Right. The world had to be ending.

Anyway, I'm still enjoying Pan Am because it is capturing the time, if not the complete truth, and besides, it's fun to constantly say, "I had one of those" or "I had a round suitcase!" etc. *G*

Okay, back to bed for me - television and a memory foam bed pad await. Oh, and a kitty. Gosh, I miss my LJ and flist. :(


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caarianna From: caarianna Date: October 6th, 2011 03:58 am (UTC) (Link)
We miss you, too.
snailbones From: snailbones Date: October 6th, 2011 11:41 am (UTC) (Link)

We miss you like crazy too. ♥

From: (Anonymous) Date: March 4th, 2012 03:34 am (UTC) (Link)


Знаетеш ли ты что такое ЛОХ?
1. Лицо Обманутое Хулиганом.
2. Дыра у гулящей девахи на немецком.
3. Лосось у норвегов когда идет вверх по реке на нерест.
Говорят "ЛОХ-прет ВСЕГДА"...
Пацаны ЛОХ - это просто лосось, остальное непонятка и понты.
Но определите для себя кто Мы ЛЮДИ или ЛОСОСИ, или ДЫРЫ, или ОБМАНУТЫЕ
И когда америкосы подбрасывают Нам слащавых мальчиков, с полупидарскими рылами, гоняющих на лимузинах с ведрами на крышах, и "думающих о России" с блядями в баньках да саунах...
В шлюхи идут красивые но бездушные, в бандюки сильные но безпринципные. Эти уроды подменили понятия, не верь, не бойся не проси. Теперь и верим как ЛОХИ, боимся,и просим.
Нужно просто ДУМАТЬ а не ДОДУМЫВАТЬ
Да они залили Нас водярой, засыпали травой, ввели в моду пидаров, шлюху возвели в разряд престижной специальности. Но кто МЫ те о кого можно вытерать ноги, налить стакан и думать что "ща мы его...". Подумай братан КЕМ ТЫ СТАНЕШ ЗАВТРА и будеш через год, и КЕМ станет твоя младшая сестренка или дочь, может "ЛУЧШЕЙ ПО ПРОФФЕСИИ" но задай себе самому вопрос - "ПО КАКОЙ ПРОФФЕСИИ???"
Так что реши САМ, кто ты??

Америкосы нашли остров в Тихом океане,на нем живет первобытное племя.
Они же гуманные пацаны, подгоняют авианосец,выбрасывают бригаду морпехов что бы не волноваться, и миссионера.Племя стоит на берегу встречает, ну миссионер им и заряжает:
"Мы дадим Вам государственный устрой, демократию...племя: "НАБУБУК!!! НАБУБУК !!!!"
он им: "....Дадим технологии, построим дороги,самолеты...."племя: "НАБУБУК, НАБУБУК !!!!"
он опять "....Интернет,WiFi...."племя: "НАБУБУК!!! НАБУБУК !!!!"
Сидят после этого вечером с вождем возле костра, и вождь говорит: "..говориш ты Гость красиво - только вот БУБУК у тебя маленький... "
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