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HELP! (and some discussion of NCIS, et al) - alyburns' (aka sideburns & alyjude) Hiding Place
If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks
HELP! (and some discussion of NCIS, et al)
Okay, so I need some help. Silly help. But a flist is a great thing to have and beats out Google every time. SO...

1. Do you know of a GOOD, TASTY, SEEDLESS fig bars? Not a recipe - cooking isn't something I can do much of anymore, but rather, one I can purchase. I LOVE Newton's Fig Bars, but I HATE the seeds and so does my mouth - but they're so good for me, and I NEED a cookie and I don't want it to be like...you know, a chocolate chip or anything like that. I know - weird.

2. Do you know of a good micro-fleece blanket (no satin trim), twin-size, but that does NOT turn into balls of fuzz two seconds after you use it, wash it, or look at it? I swear, a micro-fleece blanket seems to be a devil child of the Tribbles.

...now if only they made seedless tomatoes. At least it's almost seedless watermelon time. *sighs happily* Chunks of seedless watermelon mixed with small chunks of a great bleu cheese and sometimes, maybe, a drizzle of some balsamic vinegar...

...but I really want those seedless fig bars....


NCIS did it. They gave me a cliff-hanger that blew me away. No pun intended. I KNEW the minute Vance parked his car in front of the building that there was a bomb in it and so did you, right? That was a no brainer. As the episode unfolded, I felt maybe, if they're going to kill someone off, it was looking bad for Jimmy Palmer - but then he went to his wedding, right? So then I thought, ohno, not Ducky...only he went to the wedding with Palmer, so both were safe - so then I turned to Jamie Lee Curtis, (she being the obvious choice since she has the misfortune of being involved with the great Leroy Jethro Gibbs) but instead, she ran, damn it! I really hoped she'd hang around - she's the first woman who's been perfect for him if he can't have Tony, you know? And this makes the first known series where the lead, who is now in his sixties (he was born in '51 like me), has actually been paired with a woman who is - unbelievably - close to him in age (only 7 years younger) as opposed to how they generally do it - namely bringing in a twenty to thirty years younger woman *snorts*. Anyway, so she was safe (besides, the ex hubby is still out there and Gibbs has to fix that - so Curtis will undoubtedly reappear sometime in season 10).

Then I started thinking..."What if...."

Like...what if...after Palmer talked his bride into marrying him immediately - he had time to get back and thus could have been in the building, heading down to the morgue without anyone knowing...

Like...what if Ducky left with Jimmy, and the scene on the beach wasn't Florida at all, but somewhere in VA and on a beach there?

Nah, I said. But then the explosion with Gibbs and Abby...then McGee...then Tony and Ziva in the elevator...and then to the beach so we can see Ducky being told...


*moans and cries and sobs*

...except...I already knew David's signed up for 2 more years (thanks to Google and again looking something else up only to trip onto that nifty piece of info - which - after remembering it, I was able to breathe again...

...EXCEPT, three out our six stars have NOT signed contracts yet. So who does that leave in danger? Not Ziva or Gibbs, because Cote and Mark signed extended contracts earlier (they must have different 're-upping' dates than the rest of the cast). BUT, Michael, Pauley and Sean have not finalized any contract negotiations. This isn't new. Same thing happened in 2010 when David, Michael, Pauley and Sean were in negotiations for two more years. Then, as now, David re-upped quickly, while the other three had protracted negotiations that lasted through the summer.

This whole lengthy negotiation thing isn't new because they work for the CHEAPEST network on earth (even Harmon, who also produces, had to really stretch things last year as CBS was offering far less than the NUMBER 1 SHOW would/should demand) and CBS also treats their actors like shit and holds them in nothing but contempt - all this to say that one of our three could be in real danger. Do I think it will be Pauley? Not unless she and her hubby decide to go on a walkabout. *G* What about Sean? Not unless he had something better already in the works and there's not so much as a whisper of such a thing.

But Michael? The man who loves directing and wants to direct more episodes? Yeah, he could be on the chopping block. Considering this is CBS he's up against, if he holds out for not just more money, but more directorial opportunities, he could lose which makes last night's episode a true cliffhanger. :(
And not one I'll watch any more of if Michael isn't re-signed because no matter how STUPID they made him again (like with that RIDICULOUS re-gifting), he's still part of the family and I won't watch if ANY member of Gibbs' family dies (Kate didn't count - she was starting to sound like a shrew *slaps writers hands*).

So what about NCIS-LA? Oh, plz. I don't believe ANY of it. It was all a plot of some kind - so convoluted that I ceased to care. I even turned it off and back on for the very end, which I saw coming a mile away. *rolls eyes*

Which means I'm left with H50 and what, for me, was THE worse finale ever. In fact, I suspect it was hobbled together from cut scenes from other episodes. Some of the scenes even looked different (film-wise) on occasion, as if older film had been edited in. None of it made sense, it was beyond stupid - and a custody fight for Danny's daughter? PLEASE.

A) He's already moved once to be with her, B) Wives always get custody if someone is moving and unless she's found unfit (which ain't gonna happen with Danny's ex) and C) He's a COP and doesn't have a chance - it's just so much wasted time and bad writing - again.

And I'll say right now - I am NOT watching The Mentalist finale tomorrow night. NOT. I have NO doubt that Patrick is trying to make Red John believe that he's not only given up - but flipped out in the process so the only question is: Will he let his teammates in on it. With Patrick Jane - probably not. Which would make him a schmuck, which Heller loves to do, the jerk. So you can try to make me believe that A) he shoots or tries to shoot Lisbon for REAL, or B) that he's shot/stopped by Rigsby, FOR REAL, but we won't buy it or any other scenario, SO THERE, because we KNOW Jane and how he works. Which could make it very hard to bring the show back to the center next year. :( Personally, I think they need to DROP Red John - the sooner the better. But that's just me.

BTW: Has anyone found seedless Fig bars yet? *looks around hopefully* I REALLY need some!


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brihana25 From: brihana25 Date: May 17th, 2012 04:19 am (UTC) (Link)
Not that I've watched the last two minutes of last night's episode a few dozen times today or anything, but... what? Okay. Maybe I have.

Anyway. This is what I'm seeing/thinking.

Gibbs and Abby were on the floor, behind all of the cabinets, and well under the fireball the entire time. It burned out in the lab pretty quickly. The flames never reached them, though some flying glass might have, and they could be pretty bumped/bruised up from hitting and sliding across the floor. Gibbs had Abby completely wrapped up in his arms, so much so that it doesn't look like she even hit the floor.

Tim got blown all the way back to his desk, but he didn't hit anything on his way through. Nothing hit him, either, except for the blast wave and again, maybe some flying glass. He might have a concussion, because he hit his head on the floor pretty hard.

Tony and Ziva, though... damn. They're in the elevator right next to where the car was. (There's a woman standing next to those doors when the bomb went off, and my money's on her being one of the ones killed.) Ziva jumped toward him, he wrapped his arms around her, and they both threw themselves to the floor. Tony's holding her the same way Gibbs had Abby - completely wrapped in his arms (except for her right arm that's under his left), with his back against the elevator wall. The ceiling is definitely caving in on them, and I think the elevator's falling.

Which is my long, way-too-analytical and probably completely wrong way of saying: I think Tim and Abby are a little bruised and battered. I think Tony's the one that's really hurt. None of our family are dead, and I'm almost positive that Jimmy's going to find Ducky in time to save him.
alyburns From: alyburns Date: May 17th, 2012 11:38 pm (UTC) (Link)


We know Ducky will be found in time but man, your brilliant assessment of Tony...yikes. Here's hoping CBS comes through and the negotiations work out *please God?*

And yeah, it would be hard to believe that Abby could be hurt, let alone enough to be in danger of dying, not with Gibbs on top of her. But Tim? Yeah, he's in the same dangerous boat as Tony. Both are unsigned, so both are in danger.

Got to keep my eyes open for news on their negotiations! LOL!
math_magician From: math_magician Date: May 17th, 2012 06:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
I really agree with you on the subject of dropping the Red John aspect of Mentalist. Very tired of it. On the question of a non-pilling blankie, try one of llbean's. I love them and they're so soft. http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/52364?feat=1157-GN2

alyburns From: alyburns Date: May 17th, 2012 11:39 pm (UTC) (Link)

Yeah, Red John needs to hit the

road and never come back!

Okay so you have this blanket? And no fuzzies???
alyburns From: alyburns Date: May 17th, 2012 11:42 pm (UTC) (Link)


That blanket looks INCREDIBLE. And I DO trust LLBean - man, it looks so perfect.
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