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MOONRIDGE AUCTION ONLY DAYS AWAY! - alyburns' (aka sideburns & alyjude) Hiding Place
If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks

Virginia Sky (cluesby4 on LJ) is still working on the website, mostly because I keep changing my mind (she's the patron saint of patience), but it will be up and running soon. In the meantime:

(many of the links below are NEW as I've reorganized gmfor_moonridge - so make sure you replace your old ones!)

1. THE 2012 FAQ PAGE at gmfor_moonridge - Here you'll find ALL necessary info on this year's auction. It explains what's happening, what you need to do, how to do it, start and end times, payment deadlines, blurb samples for those who still have items to donate; you name it, the FAQ has it!

2. THE 2012 DONATED ITEMS - Here you'll find all the items donated so far for this year's auction.

2A. THE ANIMALS UP FOR ADOPTION PAGE - Here you'll find all the animals up for ADOPTION this year and short, cute descriptions of each. There are some new animals this year - but all of them really need you. Again, the FAQ page will tell you HOW to adopt the animals and HOW to pay for them!

3. THE DEFINITIONS PAGE - This page explains certain terms used for the auction. Terms like, "Special Auction", "Claim Auction", "First One, First Won", ID#, and so on.

4. THE HISTORY OF THE AUCTION - I wrote this up a while back after so many fans asked how the auction started, so if interested in its beginnings, the info is on that page.

5. THE 2012 POLL RESULTS - Many may remember that earlier this year, I ran a poll to determine the type of auction to run this year (based on the economy, etc.) and this page has the results and explains WHY we're NOT doing the BIDDING part of the auction this year. The poll was open to everyone, advertised repeatedly, on every list and we had a good turn-out of voters.

6. PHOTOS OF PAST SENTINEL DAY CHARITY EVENT at Moonridge - If you've never been able to attend the charity event at Moonridge with the fans and Garett, here you'll find a few photos and Garett as he appeared each year. (Look at the Links page on the left side of the journal for the link to starwatcher307's reports and photos from every single event!)

7. TOTALS RAISED BY THE FANS FOR MOONRIDGE - this page lists the monies raised each year since Garett announced his support of the zoo (from the first charity event, the first year we ran the auction, and every year since).

We are still woefully shy of donations and the auction begins in 17 days - so please, don't put it off any longer *G* - get those donated items to me asap! And again, check the 2012 DONATED ITEMS page for how the blurb you write up for your donated item/s should look (except the ID#, which I add!). Thank YOU and KEEP PASSING ON THE INFO, hawking the auction on your journals and on any lists to which you belong!
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