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Apologies if this shows up again.... - alyburns' (aka sideburns & alyjude) Hiding Place
If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks
Apologies if this shows up again....
It never showed originally, and LJ is still doing weird things, so I'm copying from Word and pasting again. *sigh*

You don't mind if I just do some stream-of-consciousness, do you? Before either LJ or my computer turn on their belly and give up the fight? They're just random thoughts I've had lately about a few tv shows, some movies I love, actors, and a bit of Abby thrown in for good measure (because she's eyeing me now and fully expects to be mentioned). I'll start off with The Closer/Major Crimes, then God only knows where I'll end up - but I know I'll need a cut tag...because there may be spoilers in those random brain farts thoughts. So, if you're interested in The Closer, Major Crimes, Suits, White Collar, Matt Damon, cable companies, my cat Abby, chef challenge shows, even Project Runway, feel free to click on the cut-tag - And I PROMISE NO POLITICS! I swear (even though Clint Eastwood pops up under the tag)!

I'm not sure I like the new "Major Crimes" - and I don't just mean because I loved The Closer or that the 'team' can't get along without her, or even that I never enjoyed Captain Raydor (let alone Mary McDonell - who still looks and sounds as she did during her guest appearances on Grey's Anatomy) - no, what seems to bother me is...the new method of 'catching' the bad guys?

Brenda was called a "closer" because she closed cases with a "confession" which is a very good thing, as opposed to gathering evidence, presenting it to the DA and then allowing the judicial system to take over which would be the norm. Confessions really are hard to break if they're not only in writing (if you watched the show, you know how many times Brenda said, "Could you write that all down, just as you told me?"). And of course, all the confessions were taped - hello? So I doubt that many of her criminals ever walked (in spite of what the writers did in order to start the show-ending process). But deal-making? Really? Seriously? That's the 'new way' to get the bad guys? That's how Captain Raydor is going "walk them to their jail cell" and be different from Brenda Leigh Johnson?

I don't think so.

I've always hated the real 'deal-making' that makes up our broken judicial system - for two reasons: 1) it favors the bad guys - DA offices need convictions and they'll deal to the ground to avoid a trial, even if the 'criminal' only goes to prison for a few years, and...
2) it hurts the truly innocent - who, afraid of a guilty verdict from a jury (come on - leaving your life in the hands of your supposed peers? Plz) will plead out for the reduced sentence.

That's not a goal to aim for in my opinion. Especially since, when dealing down, you know the bad guy can end up with even less time, thanks to 'good behavior' etc., and sure, any time in prison is bad, but for most criminals, it's pffft, while for the innocent? *shivers* Yet we're supposed to accept this method as Captain Raydor's standard? Accept that Commander (now the new Asst. Chief) Taylor has been faking out his 'discovered' high regard for Brenda several seasons back? And I add that because he's seems positively giddy now that Raydor is in charge AND he's proud to be saving, "thousands of dollars" by making the deals, thus avoiding the high cost of a trial. So yeah, I hate that too. The writers seem to be turning Taylor back into the man he was before his years working with Brenda (meaning a better man now). We're back to the 'short-cut' Taylor seen in the episode where Brenda was suspended and Taylor was reassigning cases to make his own operation look better - yeah, that Taylor.

I was also bitterly disappointed in Provenza. Yes, I expected him to be angry that he was no longer in charge, but that appeared to be the only reason for the, "I quit" speech. I wanted the writers to allow The Closer to have existed and to have made a positive impact on these men (she did, after all, raise the bar for them and gave them an atmosphere that forced them to up their game) and thus, Provenza would be not only angry at losing Major Crimes, but equally angry and offended by the "Lets' Make a Deal" style of detective work, which is everything The Closer was against. So yeah, I wanted him to defend Brenda (which I know they can't do if they want the show to stand on its own, but still....), so yes, I know the show has to be different - but that doesn't mean it has to be less by trying to convince us, the audience, that deal making is the way to go? We're not stupid...er...are we? *G*

I'm also guessing that Jon Tenney won't even be a semi-regular (but he'll be in a couple of episodes? and I know he's directing at least one), and Pope is gone too? with no guest appearance even listed? At least he appears to have a new show on the horizon, though.

Oh, and as for how The Closer ended? *shrugs shoulders* At least she didn't die and she and Fritz are still together. Can't ask for more than that - other than allowing Major Crimes to pay homage to Brenda Leigh Johnson, the greatest female character to come along in AGES on TV - as opposed to A) acting as if she never existed and/or B) acting if everything she did was wrong - but gosh darn it, now we're going to do things RIGHT. Bah humbug. Hell, they've even removed The Closer from it's 2:00pm rerun slot just to ensure we don't compare it to Major Crimes - or vice versa (but HA-HA! It's still on our channel 13!!! Take THAT, you idiots!).

Overall, Sharon Raydor will never be as good or as watchable as Brenda Leigh (and not fond of the kid they've added either, btw - and the new female? SHAME ON THE WRITERS!). Period. Do I really have to add: IMHO? No, we all know that's all any of this is, right? Thanks.

Okay, so...Suits. Can I just say that Harvey coming to Mike's apartment, not to mention getting stoned with him, was the BEST EVER? OMG. I know I woke up every old person in this place with my squeeing. And then the two of them, like little boys (really cute, naughty little boys) go sneaking around the office? *THUD* And Mike whining that "...but it's going to be ORANGE!" *DOUBLE THUD*
Sure, the whole 'getting-rid-of-bad-old-returning partner-who-screwed-them-all-over' was done too quickly (I thought it wouldn't happen until next January), OTOH, I was kind of glad to get it over with, you know? Sad about Mike's grandmother, and now he has that great apartment (he and Harvey really need to move into it *g*), but it gave us a great opportunity for Harvey and Mike to actually interact - which was STUPENDOUS. Mike and Harvey are just so...so...RIGHT.

And Louis?

Oh, man, am I the only one who thinks he's way smarter than we thought? I don't mean by being as good a lawyer as Harvey, I mean 'saavy' - as in at the end of the series finale, his smirk meant "this worked out exactly as planned" saavy. Yeah, that kind. Sure, he looked appropriately shocked by hearing that Hardman had planned the whole thing with the fake memo, but now I think he knew it all along, knew he could appear to be going along with Hardman, get his promotion, and then, when Harvey finally figured everything out - which Louis knew he would - he could raise his hand in the meeting to get Hardman out, thus 'doing the right thing' and starting the process of getting back on Jessica's good side. After all, he's the oily snake salesman you hate to love, but come on, they always know where the dirt is; what's happening everywhere...so yeah, it seems very plausible as an explanation for his smirk. OTOH, he could just have been happy that no matter what, he still had his senior partnership. *G*

I'm not sure I like the tack White Collar is taking this season. I really think it would be perfectly fine if Neal could get that damn anklet off and then voluntarily continued to work for the FBI. I don't think the trust issue needs to be a reoccurring theme, you know? There's so much material in this show, that relying on those tropes is unneccessary now. Even Mozzie has accepted their new life - has 'chosen' it now, so come on, guys, let it go. Let the friendship blossom, deepen, and give us good cases, more of Neal's past (without it interferring with the trust/friendship), etc.

BTW: I loved the insight into Mozzie that last week's episode provided. AWESOME. And one final note: Will Treat Williams turn out to be Neal's father or the killer? Oh, and btw, I don't slash Neal and Peter in any way now. It doesn't work for me. Darn it. Guess I love Peter's wife too much. And Mozzie. :)

Oooh, now movies. Only a couple, but still. I'll start out by saying that Matt Damon is the most underrated actor in the business. That man is brilliant. Comedy, drama, action, action-hero, hurting man, just-a-guy man, con man, buddy - it doesn't matter - he's everything; can be anyone. Two movies, both seen recently (one for the hundreth time, the other for the first), showcase his acting chops magnificently. One, Contagion (seen for the first time), the other, Hereafter. I also have to state that the directing on both films was so incredible that Contagion left me feeling cold (in the scary way, not the unfeeling way) while Hereafter left me in tears (the good kind) and a longing I still can't explain. And in both cases, Damon's performances were the primary reason for such feelings lingering long after the movies ended. The direction was so great, that sure, I experienced those emotions 'during' the films, but usually they die away after the final credits and then eating something chocolate. This time, both infected my life for days.

When you consider the number of actors in Contagion - and their caliber - it's earthshattering to me for Matt to be the stand-out. And believe me, every single performance in the film was brilliant - but Matt had the most demanding role; he had to be us. Normal. A family guy; an everyday schmo, lowest on the totem pole; a man faced with our worst nightmare and trying to survive it after a devastating loss - all while knowing he's at the bottom to those who can make a difference in stopping the disease. And, as we learn at the end of the film, he's also a part of where the whole disease starts (talk about a brilliant ending - holy smokes!) to begin with.

His character, the way Damon brought him to life, was the rock I clung to as I watched, against my will, a movie that takes a disease, plays it out in a very real and chilling way, and then ends with a shocker. He allowed me to continue watching; that's how good he was. I suspect Jude Law's character - and possibly Laurence Fishburne's - were supposed to be our rocks, with one trying to get to the truth (Jude) while the other was trying to find the cure (Fishburne) - but for me, it was Damon all the way.

In Hereafter, a movie brilliantly directed by Clint Eastwood (yes, I love him even if he is a...*shuts up*), Matt is the major component of one of three stories that interweave and finally intersect at the end. We have three individuals - in the three different stories - all dealing with death, near-death experiences, loss, and trying to discover what might - or might not - come after. Damon's character, a blue-collar working man, has the added touch of also being a real psychic, something he's running from as the movie starts. His performance is haunting and I know that because I really understood what a burden such a gift could be as a result. This is yet another movie where each performance is utterly brilliant, from Cecile de France, Frankie Mclaren, Jay Mohr, Richard Kind to even Derek Jacobi, who played himself. And yet, it's Damon who again, is the glue that holds you tight. When he finally allows Marcus into his hotel room to do the reading the boy has been pleading for (and 'stalking' for), omg. The lighting, the choice to film him in half light/half dark, all permit us see this man through and through and I don't think another actor could have done it. It appeared so simple - yet was extremely difficult. I know folks who have seen the film and I've had a few discussions about one question: When Marcus' dead twin starts to 'leave' and the connection Damon's character has with the dead boy is ending, Marcus starts to cry, asking for his brother to remain. At that moment, the camera goes to Damon's face, we see just half of it again, but in that brilliant blue eye, we see understanding. I think we see this man not only accept his gift, but realizing that he can help.

At that moment, I think George (Damon's character) pretends that the brother is returning - and this is where others have disagreed - and that it's George who says that Marcus and his brother are one, one cell; one person, thus giving Marcus what he needs to go on. I think at that point, the dead brother really has left so George is striving to help a lost boy continue living without the twin he always looked up to and believed he needed to survive.

Oh, and another great series of moments is when George goes on a Dickens tour of London (he's a huge Dickens's fan), I just loved his expressions as he tours Charles' home, answers questions asked by the tour guide, but always under his breath; the way he touches items and drinks in the history of the writer. Lord, it was if I were there with him. Matt has that ability - to transport us to wherever he is and allow us to experience everything he does. Anyway, it's a movie that always leaves me feeling warm, wonderful and teary-eyed. And do I need to mention the score, one written by Eastwood (I'm not in the mood to give credit right now, but he deserves this)? Haunting, beautiful, mysterious - everything this movie is, and more.

Matt Damon, I love you. *G*

Okay, time to discuss the cooking shows and HGTV, with shows like Chopped, Top Chef, Love it or Lose It, and House Hunters, etc.

Cooking is up first:

I'm beginning to see a pattern in the challenge shows, one I really hate. I guess I was naive when these shows first started; the chef challenge-type reality game  show, because I assumed they'd be legit as in,  "On the up and up (well, as up and up as any show like that can be)". But now? I so don't think so, not even close. Of course I always knew they edited them to make them more interesting, rid us of the banal, the mistakes (unless they wanted those boo-boos), etc. but they're now editing to FAVOR certain individuals and that's something I think is better left to the "Housewives of GOOD GOD, Don't Do That To Your Face ANYMORE" or maybe Big Brother, you know? (sorry if you love those - just my humble opinion *G*). This new editing is always to the detriment of others (and is often a dead giveaway to what is coming up). Sure, we know when we watch Top Chef that we're going to see arrogance and snippy attitudes - it comes with the chef territory - but mostly chefs tend to be honorable folks so the gimmick of these shows - because chefs tend to be honorable - used to rely on just throwing them curves, thus giving the audience the suspense and fun they craved while allowing everyone to be 'honorable' - including the judges. *shakes head sadly* Not anymore, it seems - especially with Top Chef Masters. These chefs are proven already and most have years of experience behind them; cooking under all sorts of conditions - so apparently the producers have decided they need more than curves - so they now rely on artful editing to provide 'color' - and if that means editing each episode to favor one chef while destroying the reputation of another, they apparently had no problem doing it.

After this season, in fact, I wonder if they'll find any chefs in the future to compete. After all, Chris Cosentino is not only a famous chef, but a ground-breaker too who achieved celebrity chef status at a very young age - so taking him down a peg or two evidently appealed to the producers. :( At the same time they felt it their duty to bolster a career that, for those who are true foodies, know has started to slide (mostly because he simply wants to live his life now) and yes, I'm talking about the loveable Chef Art Smith. I love both chefs. Dearly. But they're as different as night and day, have different styles and cooking methods, not to mention different demeanors in their kitchens - and Top Chef Masters seems to have chosen Art for the "Saint-Chef" award (probably because they know his limits and recognize he won't make it to the end) (EDIT: he's gone - Thai food was his downfall, which is no surprise). Anyway, a Top Chef MASTER needs to have mastered all cooking skills and he hasn't and the producers recognized that. So why not take down a snippy youngster with clever editing that, in past shows, would never have see the light of day? And the proof?

Curtis Stone.

Yep, he's the proof. As the host of this season's Top Chef Masters, he's been directed to appear blatantly anti-Chris (heck, maybe he is) and that's downright embarrassing to watch. I mean, throwing a brunch in Vegas - around a POOL - on a blazing hot day - with each brunch item devised by the chefs required to be small (as in one or two bites) and yet when Chris comes up with a cool brunch bite, Stone gives us that "Are you kidding" look and even asks Chris if his "Tuna bacon with water melon" was the right thing for a brunch in Vegas. WTF? Why the HELL not? The people they were feeding were show folks; it was after a raunchy night and they'd all be 'hungover' as the guest-eater, Holly Madison (who the hell is she, anyway? Anyone know? And why doesn't she have any expressions?) told the chefs when she was introduced - along with the challenge. So why wouldn't a small chunk of tuna bacon, with watermelon on a skewer/toothpick be just right?

Needless to say, Chris was in the bottom three.

So until this week, the writers seemed to enjoy creating  'tension' between Chris and Art, with sympathies going to Art. However, more proof of their cruel editing came in the form of 'creating' and 'showing' new tension between Art's best bud, Lorena, and the only other female chef left, Patricia, since they knew Art wasn't long for the Top Chef kitchen. I'm sorry Chef Smith, but in all reality, you should have been booted after your shockingly bad wedding cake. Yep, he blew an entire wedding - and yet stayed with one of only four women going home instead! A total shocker and WRONG. I'll even go so far as saying that on all the chef challenge shows, (Chopped, for instance), judging on all  has been transparently prejudiced against female chefs and for male chefs. It's like we're still living in the 60's where women were only good for being Pastry chefs. Poor Julia Child is probably turning over in her grave - everything she tried to accomplish - gone - and it's ruining the fun of being a foodie, gosh darn it!

I was going to rant about the judging on Project Runway, but finally decided they got what they deserved based on who they had selecting the finalists. Maybe next year, they'll actually use EXPERTS, as in BALANCED experts? *shrugs* So instead, we go to HGTV and House Hunters, which gets the first rant. This show is so formula-ridden, it's like Goldilocks:

"This house is too big. This house is too small. This house is JUST right."

Except the house they end up choosing is never the one they said they wanted!!! *smacks forehead* I'm so tired of "I HAVE to have granite counters and I HAVE to have stainless steel appliances AND I HAVE to have an open layout" - like, hello? Does no one have an imagination anymore? Are we all sheep? And since when can't women see beyond the color of a bedroom wall when they're house hunting? I swear, if one more woman walks into someone else's home and says, "I can't handle the color of this room" or "This wallpaper is a deal breaker!" I'll SCREAM!

Hello? Can of PAINT? My GOD, everyone knows that when you buy a house that's been...you know...LIVED in, you know you're going to paint and do flooring. You know it. Oh, and these couples or singles NEVER go in with a tape measure. What's up with that? You go househunting (or apartment hunting) and you take a tape measure. Hello?

Wait. I shouldn't complain about that one - I have this horrible couch because my sister didn't measure and just 'thought' my own couch wouldn't fit; my wonderful, dreamy, comfortable couch, which, as it turns out, WOULD have! LOL! But in her defense - sort of - she'd gotten used to sizing up rooms and always did think that couch of mine was larger than it was, maybe because of the fat lady sitting in it? *G*

Okay, so now onto House Hunters International and the return of the Ugly American.

"Oh, we want a place with CHARM, and one that reflects this incredible country we're moving to


In almost every episode, THE most beautiful, charming places are turned down, and always because they DO have charm and they DO reflect the country (which usually means smaller kitchens and bathrooms) so the couple or individual ends up choosing the one place that's just like home. *rolls eyes again* Oy. When I look at some of the places they turn down - I want to KILL. Okay, maybe I should stop watching for awhile. *BG* But why do Americans always want one bathroom for every bedroom? And when they see a tub and start crying that they need a shower, what happened to hand-held shower attachments? Or if the shower head is too short? Hello AGAIN? SHOWER ATTACHMENT? *notes blood pressure is starting to rise*

BTW: Barcelona? I HAVE GOT TO MOVE THERE. *swoons* And leave it to the gay couple (too cute for words) to pick the RIGHT place! BRAVO!

Okay, so onto Love It or List It.

Would ANYONE let Hilary renovate their home? Seriously?


She looks at the house after getting the couple's wish list, then thinks about the new design - and THEN asks about the budget? AND all without getting the home inspected FIRST? I SO don't think so. No wonder they usually decide to list it. *at least all the shows I happen to catch, they do* She always runs into a major problem that an inspection would have FOUND, like a 'wet' basement (whatever the heck that is), a bad roof (should have been the first thing she looked at), a wall that 'can't come down' or a post that's holding up the entire house and that's the precise post that must come down in order to make her entire plan work. And in every episode, the couple NEVER get everything on the renovation wish list because Hilary doesn't do her homework FIRST. Something is ALWAYS sacrificed. Always. And just how much are the couples getting from HGTV to appear anyway? Surely that adds to their 'budget'? Nope, this show just doesn't play. And do I have to bring up Property Brothers? I mean, can we say 'SCAM'?

"oh, I'm a real estate agent and my brother is a contractor - so hire us and instead of you buying the house of your dreams, I'll find you a cheaper version and MY BROTHER will turn it INTO your dream house!"


How does HGTV not see how this appears? *scratches head*

Now it's time to bash the cable companies and end by calming down and talking about Abby....

At least I'm going to talk about my cable provider - although, maybe what I hate is also happening to you with your provider if you have cable? Like:

A) my provider interrupting shows mid-word for their commercials while ignoring the breaks already built into the show specifically FOR commercials, B) interrupting COMMERCIALS for other commercials! (isn't that illegal? I mean, businesses BUY time, even on channels like TNT, USA, FX and so on, and yes, for reruns too, and yet, their ads are being slashed; cut into by another commercial, usually local, and both ads end up getting the short end of the stick while Cox gets richer?).

I'm also FUCKING tired of CABLE deciding which words are safe versus which words are NOT. And don't tell me about the FCC regulations, okay? On primetime, when an episode originally airs (and even in their own reruns), words like 'shit', 'crap' or even "his balls" or "He's got balls" make it in without any censorship, because no one in their right mind would have a problem with those words. Which is why writers have no difficulty writing them into a script. But in reruns on other networks? When shows go into syndication? THEN my cable company seems to feel they're God and thus superior to the FCC and therefore can snip EVERYTHING even remotely inappropriate - and I'm SICK OF IT.

It's CENSORHIP and in a BIG way and no one seems to care. Even shows like The Daily Show make fun of it, but that's about it. And no, we don't really have a choice. I wish we did. But for many of us, our cable companies have us by the BALLS (take THAT Cox!) Wait.


Did Cox just...did they just censor me????

*gives up and switches to talking about her pussy*

I've finally learned to speak "Abby" and it's ticking her off. *G* She's never actually meowed, but she does have a range of vocal 'words' like: "Meh", "Maeh", "Meeaw", "mchirp", "Maaeh" "Mow" & "Meaw". So, for those who may someday visit me and would like to know what the hell she's saying, here goes:

"Meh" = "Pet me NOW"
"Maeh" = "Can we play 'fetch'? I promise I'll bring it back."
"Meeaw" = "You TOUCHED me! Did I say you could touch me? I think not" (she's usually channeling Sheldon at this point - her hero)
"mchirp" = This one means either "Bird" or "Rabbit" if she's looking out the window, and if looking at the wall, it's, "Spider" or "Bug" which, for me, means "SQUASH IT WITH MY CANE!"
"Maaeh" = "FEED ME NOW" (and if her bowl is full, it's "I want a treat NOW" - emphasis on the '...aeh' part of the word)
"MOW" = "You're homehomehomehomehome!"
"Meaw" = "You're homehomehomehomehome and I missed you madly, let's cuddle!"

She really hates the idea that I have her language cracked. *cackles evilly*

I wish LJ wasn't being a stinker (I've had to open and shut four times so thank GOD it still saves) because then I could avoid TV - and those who know me - know why. *rolls eyes*  Is there ANYTHING good on? Although...watching The Daily Show last week was awesome, and I expect the same later this week...bleeps or no bleeps.... Oh, well, I should be writing anyway....


33 comments or Leave a comment
theantipam From: theantipam Date: September 4th, 2012 06:51 am (UTC) (Link)
Congrats on cracking Abby's secret codes!

I once read a book (written by a cat, er, you understand) that told about the cat's owner/slave trying to speak Cat. No matter how hard the human tried, all attempts to mimic Catspeak ended up sounding like "Stink Fish Breath" to the cat. We humans are so pitiful :)

P.S. I really like your icon!!

alyburns From: alyburns Date: September 4th, 2012 11:10 pm (UTC) (Link)

Judging by me cat's expressions

when I talk back, I don't think I'm saying, "Stink fish breath". *BG*

Glad you like the icon - I think it will stay until after November - and depending on the outcome of the vote - afterwards too. :)
From: sg_wonderland Date: September 4th, 2012 12:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
Love it or List it - the one where the List it guy took them to a house and the husband couldn't walk in the basement because the ceiling was too short....

House Hunters International - when the 'ugly Americans' realize that 'English country charm' means sloped ceilings and unpaved roads and sheep in the meadow...or someone who thinks they're getting ocean-view in Maui with a less-than-million budget.
alyburns From: alyburns Date: September 4th, 2012 11:13 pm (UTC) (Link)

Yep, you got it!

Or the one where they're constantly saying, "We have to space it down" and then with every apartment, say, "This is SO small" even though they know they're in PARIS and are lucky to A) BE THERE, and B) of course it's small, your budget is $2500 a month and it's PARIS!!!

I'd be saying, "So what if the bathroom is smaller than at home - this is FUCKING PARIS, FRANCE, you NIT!" *BG*
polly_b From: polly_b Date: September 4th, 2012 07:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've just about stopped watching 'House Hunters' thanks to the very behaviors you cite so well. My husband routinely starts screaming at the TV (and it's usually something like: "I can't believe how fucking stupid that woman/that man/those people are, don't they know they can PAINT!"). It's just not worth the aggro, especially when you know it's all staged and faked anyway.

I did, however, happen to see the gay-couple-in-Barcelona ep and agree with you! (lol) All that Ugly American BS on 'HH International' pisses me off, too. If people are going to live in a foreign (to them) country, and blather on about how they want quaint and charm and traditional-to-that-country surroundings, then they pick the most American-looking property, it really detracts from the experience (both theirs, IMO, and mine in watching the show, lol).

I avoid 'Property Brothers' - it ticks me off. They call what they do a 'reality check' but I call it 'bait and switch' and it gets old. And Hilary on 'Love it or List It'? Bleah. She's so far from being my favorite HGTV designer she's orbiting Pluto. They way her plans never come to fruition irritates me, too.

Congrats on learning Abby-speak!
alyburns From: alyburns Date: September 4th, 2012 11:15 pm (UTC) (Link)

Amen to everything

you said so much better than me. And yep, I start yelling at them too. I KNOW last night (my LAST time watching, I SWEAR it), I was screaming throughout and probably waking my neighbors! LOL!
chelletoo From: chelletoo Date: September 5th, 2012 01:27 am (UTC) (Link)
On HH & HHI, the "winning" property is already is escrow when the show is filmed. They have to come up with excuses not to buy the other properties.
alyburns From: alyburns Date: September 5th, 2012 02:18 am (UTC) (Link)


Oh, wait, that would make sense since it's filmed in the Fall (so many have chrismassy stuff they try to hide) and shown the following year, and of course, they end only one to three months later, so yeah, the winning property would have to be in escrow already. Now I really feel cheated!!!
sallymn From: sallymn Date: September 5th, 2012 02:20 am (UTC) (Link)
White Collar has my first and only OT3... because all three of them are too lovely to leave out :)
alyburns From: alyburns Date: September 5th, 2012 02:23 am (UTC) (Link)

Yeah, that's the way I'd actually write it

OR - she'd be terrifically understanding when discovering Peter is gay *BG* and thus be kind of like Megan in so many TS stories - a great friend and 'sister' to Neal....
kaleecat From: kaleecat Date: September 5th, 2012 04:24 am (UTC) (Link)
I very very rarely watch House Hunters. I actually caught it yesterday with a couple in Key West (my parents live in Keys) & there were more than a few moments of 'really?!?' Plus I get so aggravated by these young couples getting their first house who whine about granite, stainless steel, etc. Oh, and the inability to understand about paint.

I like HH International for the scenery and the homes, but if its Americans hunting I try not to listen to them because of exactly what you said.

I dislike many of the new "hot" shows on HGTV esp. Love it/List it, Property Brothers. I was a bit meh on the last Design Star but I actually like her show 'Shop this Room.'

I like Top Chef, never got into Top Chef Masters. I watch Chopped all the time though. The thing is, with all of these challenge cooking shows what I would like to see is the chefs having to address the challenges normal people deal with. Why couldn't they do some meaningful challenges that also give back such as cooking for soup kitchens with only the ingredients on hand, or for wildfire crews. Or how about having to cook for a block of people in a lower-income neighborhood, again only using what people have in their kitchen. Or having to shop/plan for a week of meals using coupons, food stamps & sales flyers? But then I also think that Project Runway should have to do a season of styling for plus-size models only.

Don't get me started on the damn cable companies.

BTW just read that OWN network has picked up the Nate Berkus show. I'm not sure if it means we'll get new eps, but they will be re-running the old ones.

congrats on learning the cat speak! After 11 years me & gemini are still negotiating, she keeps changing some of the meanings on me.
alyburns From: alyburns Date: September 6th, 2012 01:07 am (UTC) (Link)

Oh, you have brilliant ideas

for challenges! You need to write those in to the networks. I have noticed The Food Network has a new show called "Extreme Chefs" and they have to cook in the oddest places, with no implements, etc.; cook like the Native American Indians had to, and so on. So maybe with another push (by you *G*), they'll get the message!

Abby's way of getting back at me for cracking her code is to now pretend she doesn't know what "No" means or "Bad kitty". She's such a minx.
thenightsfall From: thenightsfall Date: September 5th, 2012 04:35 am (UTC) (Link)
Hmm, I'll have to see if this Abby translation is universal. I, too, have a kitty who doesn't really meow, as such, but makes lots of cute little noises. I'll see if your Abby to English dictionary works!

Holly Madison is one of Hugh Hefner's former girlfriends. I think they had some kind of reality show. (I'm scared I know even that much.) I love Top Chef, but Top Chef Masters... The first season was great; they treated the Chefs like the experienced, successful, to be respected chefs they were then, both in editing and in the style of challenges. Now, though, it's all pretty much the same stuff we'd get for the unproven chefs of Top Chef, and I find it... kinda demeaning, I guess. Certainly not as classy as the first season!

Agree, too, on Matt Damon in Contagion. He was the heart of that story, so subtly and authentically dealing with the gamut,from his wife's infidelity to trying to keep his daughter alive when civilization barely exists anymore. I'll have to seek out more of his movies.
alyburns From: alyburns Date: September 6th, 2012 01:10 am (UTC) (Link)


Who gives a flying *$&#! She's not a celebrity, nor someone who should be judging Top Chef MASTERS! Oh my lord. :( And you're so right about TCM - they have gone to the demeaning rather than the professionalism of the first season/s. :( And do rent Hereafter. It's a miraculous movie and he's stupendous.
nialla42 From: nialla42 Date: September 6th, 2012 03:20 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm agreeing with you on Major Crimes. The deal-making is off-putting, Taylor's back to being a dick, they saddled Raydor with a kid so we'll have some way to relate to her outside work (but poor Buzz is apparently assigned babysitting duty against his will), and they added a new female character that's just downright insulting after the strong female character of Brenda. They need to get her to stop kissing Raydor's ass long enough to learn her job, because she doesn't know what to do in this division and it painfully shows.

Okay, so...Suits. Can I just say that Harvey coming to Mike's apartment, not to mention getting stoned with him, was the BEST EVER?

That was an epic episode. I honestly can't believe that made it to air. It wouldn't have on broadcast TV, but thank goodness for the looser rules of cable networks that allow them to show characters using drugs and being able to say "shit" now and again.

I'm watching White Collar, and while I really love the cast, it seems like they're retreading the trust issue way too much. I'm also a bit perturbed they've apparently written out Diana's girlfriend. Perhaps they were unable to get the actress again and decided to have a breakup so Diana could have a new girlfriend.

The commercial interrupts I'm seeing on my local channels is overriding PSAs, which air for free, and airing local ads, which makes the local station more money.

When shows are packaged to rerun in syndication, they're cut to fit daytime broadcast TV standards. Doesn't matter if it's a primetime broadcast TV show airing on cable, it's been pre-cut to fit in anywhere, because it might cycle through various channels over the years. It honestly cracked me up when watching a Criminal Minds rerun on cable and they were bleeping words. Seriously, with that show, the language is the least of your worries.
alyburns From: alyburns Date: September 7th, 2012 12:36 am (UTC) (Link)

You might be hearing 'shit' on

White Collar, but I'm not! LOL! Me thinks Cox is even censoring original shows on cable networks. :( And I SO agree about Diana's girlfriend. Maybe with Matt coming out, they decided to give the ax to *any* same gender relationships? I wouldn't put it past them. :(

Thanks for the info on how they recut the shows in syndication. *nods*
From: ma_aaaa Date: September 7th, 2012 01:48 pm (UTC) (Link)
White Collar - I'm sticking it out for the next 2 eps but this season has left me feeling all kind of meh.

House Hunters - I don't watch it at all anymore for pretty much all the reasons you point out. I especially hate it when the realtor shows them houses out of the specified price range/location/wish list, etc. That always left me thinking why the hell are you going with that realtor? LOL

I'm sticking with Project Runway...for now. But holy cow - what a blah season so far, especially considering it's the 10th season and I thought it'd be so so much better. Seriously? *2* designers (who were only so-so at best) voluntarily dropping out? WTF, mate?

Cats - I'm not a cat person, no way no how. So the other night out of the clear blue 2 little girls show up at my front door with a stray cat that they found and didn't want to take to their house because they didn't think their parents would be too happy or something and they thought, for some odd, unfathomable reason they couldn't quite explain, that the cat belonged to *me*. LOL She was a clean,well-behaved cat, front paws de-clawed - obviously someone's pet but no collar or tags. I don't know and don't care what her meow's were saying. She hopped right up on my lap while we waited for animal control to come get her. I sure hope she got reunited with her owners.
alyburns From: alyburns Date: September 8th, 2012 12:22 am (UTC) (Link)

Yeah, I'll stick it out too

but the coming attractions for this week's episode? Double BLEH as they appear to have Neal jump the fence AGAIN. This is getting OLD.

And Project Runway - the problem really was with who they allowed to choose which designers made the final cut. I mean, really? Anyone could see that at least four of them were 'one note' designers and the judges were the most offbeat of past contenders! They need to leave the choosing up to the pros at Marie Claire, seasoned designers, and the regular judges. *shakes head* Poor alicia never had a chance, Fabio will go soon, as will Elena. And Gunnar is hit and miss. Vhen (or is it Ven?) is arrogant, but he can really sew and design, but can he stretch? We KNOW he can't lower himself to "REAL" women (the dick *g*). That leaves Chris and Sanji, who do appear to be the most consistent out of ALL the designers this season!! I'm leaving the blonde out, but then she's so quiet and, like Alicia, gives into everyone, that I'm not sure she'll be strong enough to keep going. :( Gee, I sure spout out enough about a show I'm hating! LOL!

And it sounds like a cat wanted a new mother. :)
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