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Please, please, please - alyburns' (aka sideburns & alyjude) Hiding Place
If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks
Please, please, please
PLEASE find The Jeff Probst Show in your area and WATCH! I'm telling you, this is a gem. I'm hooked to the point that now, if I can't sleep at night and end up staying up until say, 5 or 6am, I still set my TV to come on at 2pm on channel 4 so I won't miss it! (Yes, the tv in my room will come on automatically once you set highlight a certain show on the Guide and set it).

It's obvious he's a talk-showaholic, because he's taken every aspect of them and amped them up or changed it, thus making it unique. For instance, if you're a guest, expect to STAY even after your segment. AND you'll be seated in the audience - AND your job won't be over. Once there, Jeff never forgets you and you'll be roped into other segments. This works because it's obvious that each show will 'surround' a theme (as opposed to a theme surrounding a show like most others) so your imput will be asked for again. For the times in talk-shows when the host goes into the audience? Jeff even uses that a bit differently. He calls by their 'inside' name: Pop-ups, so in the middle of a discussion, he'll turn to the audience and say, "Okay, I want a pop-up. If you...." and audience members will stand if they fit the category or need and want to share. Each seat is also fitted with keypad on the arm for times when he decides to poll the audience, which is cool (sure, for certain shows with other talk shows, they'll provide one, but with Jeff, it's always there and he uses it whether planned or not).

Then there's his energy. WOW. He takes you with him and, so far, after each episode, I've felt so energized, I've gotten up and done something that needed doing! LOL! And, as I wrote the other day, the bits and pieces of seeing behind-the-scenes is absolutely fantastic. It also appears that the get-together with his producers at the end (when credits are rolling) will be a staple - and again, it's that new twist. These moments should look rehearsed as it's obvious they're a part of the format, but they don't! They all may know the camera is running, but there's no getting around the fact the discussions are real and we're just lucky enough to be that 'fly on the wall' - which is precisely the effect he wants. And it works. :) The one thing that may doom him even earlier than the ratings are already predicting is he doesn't give away anything. Thanks to Oprah and Ellen, audiences now expect great free stuff just for showing up - heck, that's why I always wanted to go on Oprah (and Ellen's 12 Days), but I'd go to Jeff's show knowing full well no freebies are in the offing. :) That's high praise. *bg*

So plesse do find him in your area. He's losing the war so far - but I think this show could make it. TiVo it, do whatever you do to record shows for watching when you're home, but give it a chance! Most male talk-show hosts don't make it unless they're doctors, newsmen or Phil Donahue (and for me, Jeff is the new Donahue), so a guy who hosts what many hold responsible for 'reality shows', namely Survivor, doesn't bode well. :) BUT - he's worth a try - if you like really sensitive guys and a show who's premise is to Live Life.


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