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Gee, just a coincidence? - alyburns' (aka sideburns & alyjude) Hiding Place
If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks
Gee, just a coincidence?
Aly "Oliver Stone Conspiracy" jude here, reporting from...well, that's not important. Many people are asking important questions today, like:

* How the hell did Romney win the debate
* And isn't it odd how even as he rails against the President during the debate, specifically bringing up rising gas prices, gas prices take a HUGE leap upwards ($.14 today alone)?
* Why is Romney now backing down on every issue he's been stumping since his campaign started (which isn't easy considering he changed his position on every issue every week of his campaign)
* And finally, gosh, at the same time Romney turns into Ironman during the debate, his very own campaign headquarters (Fox News) starts running the same film they ran in '08 (Obama and Rev. Wright) and stating how it's 'never been covered before' (one Fox Reporter actually stated he KNEW it had never been reported before because he was the one who reported it)

Those same people aren't receiving any answers - in fact, no one is. But as a hard-hitting reporter (who's really into conspiracy theories), I offer this answer:

It was planned - it's why Romney hasn't cared what was said or how he did or how many times he screwed up - because he knew exactly: 1) how he would handle the debate (because he's studied Obama and Romney was told how to take charge, lie through his teeth and basically pull the greatest bluff even seen in ANY debate ever, and 2) he knew that the next day, his base would see the Rev. Wright tape again and that gas prices would start to climb again (although 'climb' is misnomer - they're actually FLYING). Although, one wonders if his staffers coming out the day after the debate and saying that Romney misspoke several times was also in the cards?

Now the question is: What will Obama do about this? Is he too afraid of being 'an angry black man'? Is he too afraid of BEING black? Or is he sitting back and nodding, a spider ready to pounce in the next - and last - Presidential debate (while biting his nails over the VP debate)?

Obscenely wealthy people control more than we can conceive. Do they truly control this election? So much so that they could, with the snap of their fingers, raise gas prices? Oh, like we don't know gas prices have been manipulated before? Or that the Koch brothers keep back reserves just for such manipulations?

*shakes head*

Does anyone even care? Conspiracy - no conspiracy? Money is free speech or not? BTW: I think I'm going to believe that it is. Because if money is free speech, than free speech IS money. So I'm going into the store and buy about $100 worth of groceries and then, when they tell me the total, I'm going to exercise my money by saying, "Here's your $100" and then collect my bags and walk out. See? If $100 is free speech, then obviously SAYING $100 is money.

*nods excitedly*

Yeah, we should all go out and do that. Free speech is MONEY. I'm going to pay my rent with Free Speech.

*walks off while adding up all the Free Speech she'll be saving by using ... speech to pay for everything....*
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