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Today is yesterday and always will be.... - alyburns' (aka sideburns & alyjude) Hiding Place
If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks
Today is yesterday and always will be....
When I think of politics today, I somehow think we're worse off; that what we're going through today is different, worse, than anything in our political past. At least until I watch a favorite old movie on TCM! Like, "The Farmer's Daughter". Then I give myself a Gibbs head-slap because the fact is: things are exactly the same! The real problem is whether that's a good thing - or bad? Yeah, I can see you scratching your head in puzzlement. "What the hell is aly talking about now?" Well, just this: 

Near the end of the above-mentioned movie, the politically conservative matriarch, Agatha Morley, played by Ethel Barrymore, has a conversation (meant to disclose the true 'beliefs' of her party's somewhat questionable candidate for the Senate), Anders Finley, played by Art Baker. Through her 'friendly, I'm on your side' questions, we finally see the world as Finley and his ilk see it:

Agatha Morley: What do you want the public to believe, Mr. Finley?
Anders Finley: To believe in our type of 100% Americanism. Now, a 100% American is...
Agatha Morley: White?
Anders Finley: Right!
Agatha Morley: No foreign-born?
Anders Finley: Right!
Agatha Morley: The right kind of religion?
Anders Finley: Exactly right, Mrs. Morley.

"100% Americanism" - doesn't that sound familiar? Along with other phrases, like "Back to the Real America", and "True patriots"? Buzz words meant to convey a certain message; one that Agatha Morley uncovered while appearing to be on Mr. Finley's side. *g* Code words, if you will. Only problem is: Mr. Finley's view of America, along with today's Right Wing extreme Republicans ... or should I say, "Tea Party'ers"? is that there's NO SUCH THING.

That's right. NO SUCH THING.

Unless of course, you're willing to give the country back to, for instance, the American Indian tribes? Oh, and the Mexicans, of course. If you insist on considering America a country only once it was 'discovered', well, even then, you have a problem: do we give it back to the Spanish or Italians (hello, can we say Christopher Columbus or even Amerigo Vespucci?)? Or... the Vikings?

The Farmer's Daughter was made in 1947, and here we are, in 2013, and still people insist on using those 'codes' to put the fear of...what? into men. Fear of the dreaded 'mongrelization' of America? Fear that there might be more than one way to worship - or NOT to worship at all? Or maybe fear that women will put on shoes and leave the kitchen? That gays will marry and take over the world (or at least the fashion industry)? Or how 'bout the idea that anyone other than whites will have power? And maybe even...more power? (GOD forbid!). God forbid that the white man, the 50+, wealthy white man, might lost some power when we all know their favorite chant is "More power!" Of course, Tim the Tool Man meant more TOOL power, but power is power, after all.

Funny thing is, this fringe element has always existed, but usually remained fairly silent (although the 80's gave them a good voice again, as did the Bush years), but damn it, then we had to blow it by voting in, not once, but twice, a black President (now, we all know he's only half black, which makes him half white, but no one seems to care about that distinction - which is both bad and good at the same time! *think about it, okay?*). But in a politically correct world, how do you make a fuss about your fears without sounding racist (which is what you are)? Simple: by pointing your fingers at the other side and accuse them before they can accuse you. Yep, get the right spin doctors and and suddenly 'common sense' is bad, not to mention the idea of actually 'helping others'. Suddenly, college, scientists and 'do-gooders' are the hated "elite" and the filthy rich are the "Job Creators"!!! And as a result, most of America ends up on the defensive and voting against their own best interests!!

You know, America is just plain funny.

In a sad, weird way.

This was brought to you by...nothing but a fevered brain....


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