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Turns out I need to learn to read - alyburns' (aka sideburns & alyjude) Hiding Place
If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks
Turns out I need to learn to read
Okay, so you're tired and you turn to LJ for release from RL if only for a few minutes. Fine. But sometimes, you know, we have to face RL square on. Because lives depend on it and we have power. Untapped power.

Right now, I'm so disgusted about the useless debate that will take place next week on a new gun law that I'd like nothing better than to climb into bed and pull the covers over my eyes. Or read about Daniel and Jack, or Sherlock and Watson, or my wonderful Jim and Blair. But all I see are 20 children who used to live on this earth.

Now, I wish I hadn't read more about the Senate debate because Republicans (even those who voted to allow the debate) are already filling the new bill with amendments that would completely gut it and remove almost all its teeth.

  1. National Gun Registry? Forget about it. It will be shot down.

  2. Background checks for ANYONE who purchases a gun? Forget about it. It will not only be shot down, but with a two pronged weapon some are calling the "Friendship" amendment. What's that, you ask? Simple. I buy a gun because I've cleared the background check, and now you want to buy it from me. So even though I don't know you, all I have to do is call you 'my friend' and WHAM, the gun is YOURS. No questions asked, no background check, nada, zip. Ain't politics grand? Ain't rich lobbyists grand? Ain't the greedy gun manufacturer's and sellers grand?

  3. Oh, and the amendment about banning assault weapons and/or modifying them to allow ammunition magazines carrying more than 10 rounds? Forget about it.

So now I have to ask myself again: Would showing the mangled, destroyed bodies of 20 children and 6 adults, lying in their own blood in Sandy Hook classrooms, change the minds of ANY politician planning to gut the bill next week? Would showing why so many of those children had to be in closed caskets change those minds and give them the courage to do the right thing?

Would showing what a Bushmaster (with the ability to fire 30 rounds) firing 154 bullets in less than 5 minutes did to 20 small bodies (most of whom had multiple bullet wounds, some up to eleven) help to get a meaningful law - with TEETH - passed in our ineffectual, greedy, frightened Congress?

It's one thing for those brave parents who lost their child in the shooting to stand before those men (and a handful of women); representatives who have been bought and sold by so many special interest groups, they aren't even human any longer; to stand there and talk about their now-dead child, to show a photo of that angelic smiling son or daughter and ask for laws that make SENSE, that will actually WORK - but again, I wonder if instead, Congress were forced to see what the first responders walked into that horrible day? AND as photos continue to flash; photos of children in PARTS, cut in half, some with no faces; and of courageous teachers with their arms around children in the hopeless effort to protect their charges; if we forced, by the sound of our voices, emails, letters, phone calls, and our own faces looking down on them next week as they 'debate' and then VOTE - that bill will be transformed, that NO stupid teeth-removing amendments are allowed, but instead, it's full of common sense laws that won't disarm America, won't tread on the so-called "2nd Amendment Rights" (talk about a farce), but WILL take a major step in changing our views on guns and a major step toward protecting our children. Would that trump the money flowing into their pockets? Would that trump their fear of losing an election? Would that prove once and for all that WE THE PEOPLE control who gets into Congress and the White House, and NOT special interests? And once we've done that, could we turn our voting power to our own States too?

We have to face the fact that we're a terrible country (but one with the infinite ability to do great good if we just use our power) and right now, our children, minorities, and so many others, suffer for it - and as hard as it is to say: the fault lies with us. But we DO have the power to change; to turn things around. We need to stop listening to fear, lies, and the money-people and start listening with our hearts, our brains, our ability to research the truth; to use our vote, voices, social media, whatever - in order to stop the madness starting now.

Dare I ask you to join in "Remembering Sandy Hook" by replacing your current default icon with one of the children killed that day? To do the same on all your journals, Twitter, FB, etc? To do so for 30 days? At least? To be a ripple? You know, like when you skip a stone on the surface of water and ripples start and spread?

Please, be a ripple, send out that stone....


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