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IMPORTANT READ: MOONRIDGE AUCTION TIME!!! - alyburns' (aka sideburns & alyjude) Hiding Place
If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks

I'm pleased to announce it's Moonridge Auction time again, folks! Except...The Moonridge Zoo has changed its name which means...we've changed ours!

The Moonridge Zoo is now called:
The Big Bear Alpine Zoo
(which is great as it tells the world where the zoo is - and yes, their website has changed too!)

That means we needed to change our name too. AND, because we don't always have the 'auction', we'll no longer use the word in our title.

So what IS our new name?
The Big Bear Alpine Zoo Online Charity Benefit!

It may be a mouthful, but we're still us and our job is still to raise money in Garett's name (thank GOD he hasn't changed his name!) for the zoo, its animals and the new site.

So when will our 'Benefit" begin and end this year?
Saturday, August 3rd, and ending August 17th, with final payments due August 31st.

Will we be doing the auction part of the Benefit this year? And if so, when will I be accepting items to be donated for the auction?
Yes, we'll have the auction this year! And I'm accepting donations NOW. Simply send me an email (alysideburns@gmail.com) with a list of your donation/s.

More information on this year's "Charity Benefit" for the Big Bear Alpine Zoo (formerly the Moonridge Zoo) will be forthcoming, along with a new FAQ. In the meantime, look around for those donations to auction off and send me those emails!

Thank you,
aly and the rest of the Moonies
(we Moonies decided NOT to change our name!)

Blair - 2013 (Bill Young)
I'm Blair and you'll soon have the opportunity to adopt me!


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