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Spoilers for The Mentalist, rant on Grey's Anatomy and NCIS - alyburns' (aka sideburns & alyjude) Hiding Place
If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks
Spoilers for The Mentalist, rant on Grey's Anatomy and NCIS
Under the cut, natch...

I'm devastated. It's been confirmed that the characters (and thus the actors *whines*) "Rigsby" and "Van Pelt" are LEAVING the show. It's like...yin and yang. I mean, you know, the Good, the Bad and the...whatever. Because there's some rejoicing on my part that "Ziva" is leaving NCIS - and no, I'm not happy about her leaving because it means the end of the "Tiva" nonsense, but rather because I never warmed up to her - not even the tiniest bit. Maybe because I LOVED Jessica Steen's "Paula Cassidy" returned and served as what turned out to be a temporary replacement for Kate. But for me, she was THE one and should have been kept on (instead, they actually killed her off later during the stupid "FROG" arc - I refuse to use their term for it) - and speaking of Jessica Steen, that woman, a great actress in my book, and attractive, strong...etc., well, is there any actress out there who gets killed off/replaced more than anyone else?

Can we say, "Flashpoint" (she covered for "Jules" when that character was injured, became a somewhat recurring character as leader of Team Whatever, only to be killed off even later), or how 'bout Stargate SG1/Stargate Atlantis (She was the ORIGINAL Elizabeth Weir, remember?).

Where was I? Oh, yeah. *weeps copiously* Rigsby and Van Pelt. PLEASE NO! But alas, YES. Like, okay, so we get to finally get RID OF RED JOHN, but why lose TWO beloved characters at the same time? Wait. Silly question. The show has passed the halfway point (five seasons) and is starting its sixth. That's as bad as season nine going into the dreaded season 10. Both usually mean, for a show with an 'almost' ensemble cast (meaning there's a 'star', but he or she is surrounded by almost equally strong 'regulars') that salaries are rising for the 'regulars', and the networks HATE that because they want to KEEP the extra money for themselves, you know? So they start chopping off heads and/or 'encouraging' them to leave for 'greener' pastures by lessening their screen time or making it appear their character 'has no where else to go' - blah blah blah.

Unfortunately, those 'greener' pastures rarely exist and sometimes we never see those beloved people again. *sigh*

*starts looking for Eric Dane - finds him - FINALLY - in a tv show slated as a mid-season replacement in 2014*

I still haven't forgiven Grey's Anatomy for killing off Mark Sloan, not to mention the total "destroy phase" the show goes through about every five years, starting with the whole "Outing of TR Knight" fiasco.

Oh, sure, Isaiah Washington (Dr. Burke) was dumped quickly as he was the one who outed TR during an 'on the set' shouting match with Dempsey (who was defending TR over something Washington had said), but the 'suits' leaned on the show's producers and its creator and driving force, Shanda Rhimes, to get rid of TR too (based on the NOGA policy - "No Outed Gays Allowed").

And please don't counter this with "But TR wanted out because his character was going nowhere...." because his character was going nowhere because they wanted him to leave based on the NOGA, okay??? That's what shows DO when they want you to leave, get it? And btw: It was the dreaded Season 5, so there was a double reason for burying his character and leaving him with NOTHING to do - all in hopes he'd leave, thus adhereing to the NOGA rule AND the 'keeping the money for ourselves' rule of Networks.

Katherine Heigl, who defended TR, gays, and speaking out about her feelings regarding Washington, AND in a very public fashion (can we say "Golden Globe Awards"?), only helped  further her eventual departure. It was funny how 'her many absences' was used as an excuse to let her go, but I sure never noticed a lack of "Izzie moments" in the show. Sure, she was busy adopting kids, but so what? Many actresses ask for 'less screen time' after new children, then return to normal schedules, which on an esemble cast, is very easy to accommodate. But poor Katherine, she also dared to deny a nomination because she felt she didn't deserve it (that season had not been an "izzy-centric" season). Oh, for a woman to be so vocal?? In TELEVISION? Just...no. Men, yes. Women? NO. And yes, there was ALSO a demand (by Katherine's agent - her mother) for more money. OH NO! Not that TOO?

Vocal. Strong-headed. Assertive. AND a stage-mother for a manager? Oh, and a WOMAN?

Bye-bye Katherine. Don't let the door hit you on your way out, and who do you think you are, Barbra Streisand? Good GRIEF.

Funny how when a woman has a high Q rating, it doesn't matter nearly as much as when it's a man.

BTW: The whole 'this was a gay thing' with TR was semi-reinforced when Brooke Smith (Dr. Erica Hahn) got the axe. Not because SHE was gay, BUT rather that she appeared to be, shall we say, 'too' gay? And, God FORBID, too 'butch' to continue the 'lesbian' theme the show was attempting to start with Dr. Callie Torres.

Any doubts about the 'gay' thing were put firmly to rest when "Dr. Arizona Robbins" (Jessica Capshaw) became a regular AND Callie's NEW lesbian love interest. Now there were two so-called 'beautiful' women in love, thus completing the male fantasy, which poor Brooke Smith couldn't do.

BTW: this is NOT my opinion regarding Brooke, who, IN my opinion, gave us one of the strongest female doctors on the show. She stood up to the men, challenged them, dismissed them, and refused to play second fiddle to their 'men's only club'. I suspect she was actually very close to Shanda's heart, but suspect the network came down hard due to the 'butch' thing, so WHAM, the "Strong and too masculine" woman doctor bit the dust.

Oh, and the fawning over Jessica Capshaw by shanda and the suits as she replaced Brooke as Cassie's new love interest ("I [Shanda] love Jessica Capshaw, and when I say love I mean love. She couldn't be a more wonderful person, and I feel like the chemistry Arizona and Callie have feels like the Meredith and Derek chemistry to me. I find them delightful to watch") couldn't have had anything to do with the fact Jessica is Kate Capshaw's daughter, and thus...oh, yeah, Stephen Spielberg's step-daughter. No, not at all. *rolls eyes*

What I want to know is: Why dump Mark Sloan in season 9 (before the dreaded and very expensive season 10, where many of the regulars had already started their 'push' for higher salaries)? Why not some of the stupid 'interns'? Was it his drug thing in 2011 and subsequent stint in rehab? Too many 'gay-themed' movies? The publicity department called it a 'resignation', but McSteamy was still high in the Q ratings, so asking for, and receiving, a higher salary would have been a no brainer, and yet, we lost him. His 'forever' love interest, Dr. Lexie Grey was also lost, and again, it was stated 'at her request', but unfortunately for both actors, the insiders had already published how the network had ordered the 'cast be cut back' because the show, at this point, was too expensive to produce (meaning salaries for long time cast members). Of course, what that really means is it's still so popular, and still making bundles of money, that the studios want to KEEP more of the profits. Hence, bye-bye some of the high-paid, long-time actors. Oh, they'll be replaced, but by new people at, hello? Lower salaries, of course.

We all know Ziva will be replaced on NCIS, which is in its 11th season after finishing its 10th as the "most watched" tv show in the US. BUT she'll be replaced by someone making LESS money, thus allowing the network to KEEP more of the show's earnings. Oh, the greed.

Of all the actors on the show, only Michael Weatherly and Cote made 'demands' and held up contract negotians  (he wanted to direct more episodes, she wanted more money). Both were given what they wanted last year, but evidently, with Cote's Q rating dropping, and another demand this year, her leaving the show seemed inevitable. When interviewed, she managed not to say this wasn't her choice - while saying exactly that. But you know - this show is nothing if not surprising, so maybe after allowing her a peek at the 'What are they doing now" world of sacked actors, they could easily bring her back - but now for LESS money! Of course, that's dependent on whether the networks can really continue to produce NCIS. Its 'fame' is the family we've come to love, meaning the CORE group: Gibbs, DiNozzo, Ducky, Abby and even McGee. Ziva - not so much, although many fans were highly invested in Tiva (but not as many as those who WEREN'T). So no matter how popular or high the ratings remain, that cast is still in place, making money, and the networks hate that. Again, remember, they want to KEEP their money, so NCIS could get the axe simply because too many $ are going to the men and women IN FRONT of the cameras and NOT to the MEN in the black tower. Can we say "Brothers & Sisters"? And "Where are THEY now"?

Okay, rant over. So what shows are you going to watch this season? And here's hoping Owain pops up somewhere - and fast. And maybe allowed to speak as he actually speaks. :)


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quyllur From: quyllur Date: September 30th, 2013 01:31 am (UTC) (Link)
Hi, aly. Do you know where the article is where Cote implies that it wasn't her choice to leave? I didn't realize that I naively thought that she just wanted to go on to other things. I am glad they are not killing her off. Do you know what made her Q points drop?
I like Paula Cassidy, too. I was very sad that they killed her off. I wanted to see more of her, even on a recurring basis, like Tobias.
nerthus From: nerthus Date: September 30th, 2013 03:34 am (UTC) (Link)
Rigsby AND Van Pelt?!!! Are you kidding me, I hadn't even heard that! Well, crap. Watched tonight's episode and was so happy to have a new ep and see Jane fretting so over Red John and Lisbon not listening to him at all and then that ending...! But I am cringing and unhappy now about the spoiler concerning those two characters, sigh...
pattrose From: pattrose Date: September 30th, 2013 04:10 am (UTC) (Link)
I like the new show with James Spader called Blacklist. It showed promise last week. But other than that, no faves yet.
bluewolf458 From: bluewolf458 Date: September 30th, 2013 05:45 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm watching fewer and fewer shows, partly because the canon working together characters nowadays are so often listed as a male and a female. Two males? Great. Two females? Fine. But a male and a female? Can you say the dreaded 'strong female character weakened by falling in love with the male, to Show That What She Really Wanted Wasn't a Career, but a MAN in her Life, Kids, DOMESTICITY... Bones was a great series until she and Booth 'fell in love' - which was when I stopped watching. Stargate - Sam and Jack? Puleeeeze! Is it the studio that insists on the inevitable 'love interest', or is it just some daft writer with no more originality than the canary I had as a kid cominlg up with the 'bright' idea that an action-adventure show needs s-e-x? (Het, of course.)

Edited at 2013-09-30 05:47 am (UTC)
chriselora55 From: chriselora55 Date: September 30th, 2013 11:37 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh boy! Where to start when so much of what you all said is so true.

It's at the stage I'm wary of enjoying a show in case it gets an executive 'makeover' at some point - I'm thinking H5-0 - I want Steve and Danno, Not the Steve and Catherine show,or Danny and Gabby.

By all means let them have relationships - I just don't want it played out on screen, thank you very much. Steve,Danno, carguments, Danno rants, decent storylines, the core four. That's all (for now) folks. :)
angelskuuipo From: angelskuuipo Date: September 30th, 2013 02:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've never watched Grey's. It didn't appeal when it first started and I haven't lost any sleep over it.

I'm kinda glad Ziva's leaving (still not sure if they're going to kill her off like Kate or not; guess we'll find out tomorrow night). The whole Tiva thing irritates me. There was one episode last season (I can't remember which one) where she and Tony are talking/not-talking about whatever their thing is and she could barely even get the word friendship out. And that right there summed it all up for me. I've never seen romance between them. Competitive sibling rivalry, yes, but not romance. Tony had a lot more chemistry with Paula (and I totally agree with you about Jessica Steen). I was very sad to see her go.

Honestly, I think NCIS should have ended a few seasons ago. The show loses its shine when I can sit there and completely pick an episode apart for lacking common sense and military protocol mistakes (being an Air Force brat, that's a peeve of mine). The complete lack of explanation and satisfying resolution when Jenny died was kinda the endpoint for me. I still watch because of, like you said, the core group, but the writers are tired and aren't putting out quality anymore.

Don't even get me started on all the semi-truck size plot holes in NCIS:LA. That's a no plot no problem show for me. I just enjoy the pretty there. And Hetty. Hetty's awesome.

I'm very excited to start Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (MAoS). Coulson! I'm going to give The Blacklist and Ironside a try. We watched the first ep of Sleepy Hollow and decided it was very much a daylight show. We'll give it a couple more eps, but it may prove too freaky for us. I'm glad Person of Interest and Elementary are back, but a little bummed they broke them up. They made a really good block on Thursday nights.
math_magician From: math_magician Date: October 1st, 2013 01:01 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm watching more and more PBS. Old British series. And Netflix for the same. And Arrested Development which I had never watched before. Hilarious. Foyle's War. Scott and Baily. Call the Midwife. The Alphabet Networks don't have much that call to me.
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