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Moonridge News - alyburns' (aka sideburns & alyjude) Hiding Place
If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks
Moonridge News
Two bits of news (good and not so good) for our beloved Big Bear Alpine Zoo:

1. As of January, a building contractor was finally chosen: "PGAV Destinations has been selected for the design of the relocation of the Big Bear Alpine Zoo." And with that news came a 'tentative date' for breaking ground: October of this year. If they actually start in October, and construction is expected to take 18-24 months - that means that unless there's a miracle, 2017 is the earliest for the opening. But hey, that's something anyway.

2. The zoo's curator, and a women many of us have come to love, Debbie Richardson, has retired. I believe it was effective in February.
She must have given notice last year as the zoo has been posting for a new curator since November of last year. As of last month, Bob Cisneros became the new General Manager and Curator. He was, I believe, the curator for the San Diego Zoo for many years. I know every one who has been to "Moonridge" for the charity events will miss Debbie. :( Below is my favorite photo of Debbie from all the Moonridge events I've attended - and you can see why. :)

We'll miss you, Debbie!

gm 2005


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knitty_woman From: knitty_woman Date: April 20th, 2015 05:37 am (UTC) (Link)
It's weird to see that photo, having seen him recently so completely gray!
shiredancer From: shiredancer Date: April 20th, 2015 06:07 am (UTC) (Link)
Aww, I really liked Debbie! She was so great with the animals. Sorry that she's gone. But so is Betsy... things sure do change.
sallye From: sallye Date: April 20th, 2015 03:01 pm (UTC) (Link)
It sucks when things change! But hopefully the zoo's in good hands.
duffy_99 From: duffy_99 Date: April 20th, 2015 08:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
I love this picture of Garett SO MUCH!
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