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How to beat Fox News

Everyone says Trump supporters can't be changed - but I say they're wrong. Why? Because the majority grew up during the Cold War era where our hatred and fear of Soviet Russia was in high gear. Even today, the word communist is still a dirty word in their world and is the worst thing a person can be labeled.

For Trumpsters, the United States coming under communist rule would be a fate worse than death. And now they're watching their beloved leader embracing a communist country; our primary foe for over 80 years, Worse still, they've watched their beloved leader embracing Russia's unscrupulous murderous, communist dictator.

So how does any of that help fight Fox News in order to get real facts out to the Trumpsters?

For me a light bulb finally went off and the answer became simple. First we remove the word "news" because we know they're not news nor do they have true journalists. So what do we replace it with? That's the next step: we rebrand them in a way that tells everyone what they really are:


From now on, we never say Fox News, instead, we use their real title, THE FOX COMMUNIST PROPOGANDA CHANNEL, because that's what they are; a machine that disseminates fascist communist propaganda.

But how we say it is as important as saying it. For instance, don't emphasize it, nor say it as if trying to teach something or tell them, or attach and a great importance to it. Instead, say it as if it were the most normal thing in the world; much the way you'd say the title of any other show. Like;
"Oh, I'm going to watch Hawaii Five-O tonight."
Or,"Did you watch America's Got Talent last night?" Or "You know, that Fox Communist Propaganda Channel really scares me." Or, "Oh no, I couldn't possibly watch The Fox Communist Propaganda Channel, it's opposite the Housewives of Atlanta!"

Yes, it'll take time; time to get used to it ourselves and time to make it a part of our new lexicon. We've got to practice and practice so that it trips over the tongue as easily as the old name. And yes, it will work, I've already seen it happen, so give it a try.

And remember we're not going after the hardcore supporters because they're white supremacists who, once they've lost a leader who's given them a mainstream voice, will go back into the woodpile they crawled out of, so no, our targets are the our neighbors, family members who took a very wrong right turn, and everyone else we meet, talk with or can get to through social media.

So go forth with the rebranding of machine formerly known as Fox News but is now The Fox Communist Propaganda Channel!

It'll work - honest.
And don't forget to spread this new logo as far and wide as you can.

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