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alyburns' (aka sideburns & alyjude) Hiding Place

If you spoke faster than David Hewlett you’d travel back in time: Michael Shanks

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A mini biography? Yeah, sure, youbetcha. Been in TS fandom since '98, Stargate fandom since 2000. Or was it 2001? Oh, well. I'm alyjude in the Sentinel and sideburns in Stargate. All my fiction (or most of it), can be found at AO3 (some, with original artwork, at my own fiction journal: alysbasement), and at The Kennel or The Artifact Storage Room 3 (ASR3) and at
Area 52 Archive and The Alpha Gate Archive.

I was also the creator and moderator for the first crossover list for Stargate and The Sentinel fans, but the list is, I'm afraid, mostly dead.

In 2003, I started a small online auction to help raise money for Gatett's charity, The Moonridge Animal Park (now called, The Big Bear Alpine Zoo); an auction that, thanks to several friends, raised a bucket load of money for the zoo during its ten year run! And yes, we're hoping to do two more: One to celebrate the groundbreaking ceremony at the new site, and finally, our last - and we hope largest auction, for the Grand Opening! To stay informed on the zoo, its relocation efforts, future auctions, as well as past auctions and amounts raised, as well as the history of the auction, go to gmfor_moonridge.

I would be remiss in my 'biography' if I failed to mention my beloved "owner", Lucy, a toy poodle whom I lost in '06. She was my baby and best friend but I'm not owner-less, thanks to my sister, who decided I shouldn't be alone, and gave me a 3-month old kitten; a tortoise-shell, I christened Abitha (Abby for short). She was born September 1, 2006 and I'm pretty sure part of Lucy resides within her. Abby is now 9years old and has taken superb care of me.


A SPECIAL THANK YOU must go to nefernat because without her, my lj would be plain and uninteresting - she provided me with the coding and instructions so that I could not only add my new banner but she took me through the process of themes and layers - She's a MIRACLE!

Thank you, nefernat!!!

If you're a Twitter freak:

And yes, I admit it - I'm at Facebook too! I also have a site for my photo restoration, which I love to do for folks. You can find it at AJMSPHOTOFIX.

I do a lot of icons, banners and wallpapers, so here is the list of my resources:

RESOURCES for Textures and Fonts - if your name is missing but you've noticed one of your textures/brushes/masks, PLEASE let me know!
neke briarrose_icons dicolore
foxxie_kittsun may_icons luna_61 seleneheart magorion wonderland maytel tearing_icon_s staranis justfreefallin iconistas_storm silverqe acme_graphics creamnuts vert_gazon dearest iconographer le_mot_art tihana univers fallen_rose cdg girlboheme sanami xoxoknlove worship_elle sunrise_dimples [Bad username: one_chance_by_yunhe] aleuire angelsey chaoticfae eowyn_rus expose42 droppingtear shark_bitten, spooky_window, insanefray, stardust78, wolfbane_icons, eiencafe, Arielle, Antorini, Annabeth, Babliz, Bambinainnero, calajane, HybridGenesis at: http://hybrid-genesis.net/main_freebies.html (INCREDIBLE TEXTURES!), Shivika (www.shivika.net/), graphicjunkie, precious_dreams, justmi michmellow, smallvillerose, shelleybear665, lil_brokenangel, just_naturally, flenodar, EMTextures, miscall, mytornromance, scary8511, chokingonstatic, Creepydolly, Rxy, Frozenmoondust, BlazetR, wycked_tranquility.